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Chevrolet EGR Valve

The Chevy EGR valve is a small component that makes important contributions to two vehicle systems, which, in turn, help to keep your vehicle functioning at its best. In most vehicle models, the Chevy EGR valve is mounted on the engine intake manifold. What the Chevy EGR valve does is to help to reduce the harmful emissions produced by the vehicle, as well assisting in the prevention of detonation in the combustion chambers. In late model vehicles, the Chevy EGR valve is usually electronic, while in older models it typically uses a vacuum connection to perform. The function of the Chevy EGR valve is important to the proper running of your engine, helping to protect against the damage that can be caused by detonation, which is the explosion of fuel in the combustion chambers, rather than the clean burn of fuel that produces efficient engine performance. The Chevy EGR valve is necessary to conform to the strict vehicle emissions standards that are in effect in most places today as well, playing an important part in keeping the pollution produced by the vehicle to an acceptable level. If the Chevy EGR valve fails, the performance of the vehicle can be affected, producing such symptoms as poor production of engine power, excessive exhaust emissions, engine knock or ping, and poor fuel economy. The quick and easy installation of a new Chevy EGR valve can have your vehicle performing as well as it should in just about no time at all. We carry a selection of quality Chevy EGR valve replacements in our online catalog, all at great low prices. Our secure site will make it fast and easy to order your Chevy EGR valve replacement and our toll-free phone line is also available for your convenience.