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Chevrolet EL Camino Grille Assembly

The Chevrolet El Camino is considered as one of the greatest vehicles ever manufactured. But let's admit it; the Chevrolet El Camino is an old car, having been manufactured way back in 1987 after some 25 years of existence. If you own one, then you should be really proud of it. But to bring back its former glory, there is a need for you to restore it and replace a lot of its old parts. And what better way there is to start restoring your old El Camino than by installing a new Chevrolet El Camino grille!

The grille, or grill, refers to the opening in front of your vehicle that allows air to flow into the radiator, thus cooling the vehicle's engine and almost every other component under the hood. Aside from allowing air to flow inside the engine compartment, it also prevents a lot of harmful elements like water, road debris and bugs from damaging the various components beneath it, including the radiator, the turbo intercooler (if the vehicle is equipped with a turbocharger), and a lot of other engine components.

Aside from these functions, the grille also serves as a distinctive styling component for every vehicle. This is the reason why installing a new custom grille on your old Chevrolet El Camino can instantly brighten up its look. Custom Chevrolet El Camino grilles, especially those with stylish billet or body color grille inserts, can easily set your classic muscle car apart from other vehicles of its kind.

There are a lot of custom grilles and grille inserts available in the online market today that you can use to replace your Chevy El Camino's stock grille with. There are bolt over billet grilles that can be easily attached over an existing grille. If you want something more functional, or something that would allow your engine to 'breathe' better, then you can use replacement grilles, although installing this type of grill would require more time, tools and skills.