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Chevrolet Equinox Ignition Switch

When you talk about crossover utility vehicles, nothing beats the Chevy Equinox. With its spacious five-seat cabin, powerful 4-cylinder engine, and smooth six-speed automatic transmission, it surely stands out in the sea of not-so-rugged crossover wagons such as the Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, and Toyota RAV4. But even if you have this awesome ride, it wouldn't really perform without a fully functioning Chevy Equinox ignition switch. This switch activates your main electrical systems that power up the entire auto; without it, you won't be able to start the vehicle, unleash the power of the Equinox, and enjoy the convenience features installed in it.

So if your vehicle won't start though the battery is functional; make sure you fix your switch right away. Troubleshooting your busted Chevy Equinox ignition switch is easy. First, you've got to verify if the switch is indeed the source of the problem. Turn your key to the on position. If your warning lights don't start blinking, then you can conclude that the ignition switch has to be replaced. Afterwards, disconnect your battery and take out the steering column covers. Uninstall the steering column to reach the switch mechanism. Remove all the other interfering components such as windshield wiper and turn signal wires.

After you take out the components, get your screwdriver and remove the mounting screws and ignition switch wiring. Separate your old key cylinder from the old switch; then install the Chevy Equinox ignition switch replacement. Reconnect all the wires you took out and reinstall the steering column. And bamnow you can drive your good ol' crossover again and enjoy the powerful performance of your beloved Chevy! Though these steps may seem easy, you still have to check your car manual before performing any of these steps on your ride to avoid causing further damage.

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