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Chevrolet Equinox Wiper Blade

Your Equinox is a solid vehicle and for it to perform at its peak, it needs a solid set of componentsfrom its massive engine down to the smallest Chevrolet Equinox wiper blade. Wiper blades are commonly taken for granted, except when it the rain starts to pour and you start having trouble seeing the road. Attached to the wipers, these blades swing back and forth over the glass windshield to remove rainwater, snow, mud, dirt, and other materials that can obstruct the driver's view on the windshield.

In spite of its seemingly simple design, shopping for a Chevrolet Equinox wiper blade replacement is actually difficult if you don't know the type of wiper you have and the kind of blade it needs. Remember, 2010, 2011 Equinox wiper blade sizes are very different. So before you start shopping, find out your car's wiper blade type; is it framed or frameless? Framed wipers are usually wider than frameless ones; though both types are typically made of rubber, they may differ in design and wiper compatibility. You should also know where the wipers will be located: front wiper blades are usually longer than mirror wiper blades. And finally, know your budget. Do you intend to spend more than $50 for an original blade? Or would you consider shopping for an OEM Chevrolet Equinox wiper blade to save a few bucks? Answering these questions will make replacing your wiper blades easier.

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