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Chevrolet Exhaust Manifold

One of the most important systems in your Chevy car or truck is the exhaust system. It is responsible for eliminating or minimizing harmful emissions produced during the combustion process. Rising pollution from vehicle emissions has been an alarming incident in the past years; thus, an efficient exhaust system in every automobile has become necessary. Moreover, having high quality exhaust system parts and components is essential to this system's excellent functioning.

The exhaust manifold is one of the parts in your Chevrolet's exhaust system. Many times, this part is overlooked but just as any part in the system, it plays an important role in keeping your Chevy car always at its best. It is generally made of cast iron, but some exhaust manifolds are made of steel, aluminum and stainless steel. It is attached to the side of the engine's cylinder as it directs the extra gases to the cylinder head from the exhaust ports.

You might think that the exhaust manifold merely carries the waste gases to the header of the exhausts system, but what it can do to your auto is more than that. The way the exhaust manifold carries the exhaust out from the engine significantly affects the power output and thus, the performance of your vehicle. This is because the more exhaust the engine is able to remove, the more efficient it can be.

If you are refurbishing or checking up an old Chevrolet truck or any kind of Chevy auto, the exhaust system, especially the exhaust manifold, is one of the things you must pay attention to. Older models are less environment-friendly since engines that have already been used for a long time are more likely to produce harmful emissions. Replacing your old and damaged Chevy exhaust manifold is necessary for your engine's maximum performance.

Chevrolet Exhaust Manifold Models