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Chevrolet Fan Blade

Your Chevy fan blade is an important part of your cooling system, the part that helps to ensure that you do not overheat while sitting in the drive through line, or another situation in which you are idling, without the benefit of the cooling air that passes through the grille when you are in motion. Operating within the cooling fan of your vehicle, on the other side of the radiator, the side that is not right in front of the grille, your Chevy fan blade helps to draw air through the radiator, which serves in the effort to cool the fluid that runs through it. Depending on your year and model of vehicle, the typical Chevy fan blade is made of steel or of a durable plastic, although it is not uncommon for people to choose to substitute an aluminum fan blade, particularly when they've made other types of performance upgrades to their vehicle. In addition to fabulously functional stock style Chevy fan blade replacements, there are those that combine strong and reliable performance with sleek good looks, such as steel versions highlighted with bright eye-catching colors, such as fire engine red and royal blue. You'll find an excellent Chevy fan blade selection in our well-organized and easy to use online catalog that, once you enter your basic vehicle information, will present you with a list of the Chevy fan blade options most suitable for your year and model. A quick review will demonstrate the competitiveness of our pricing system, not only for the Chevy fan blade you need for your vehicle, but for all of our parts and accessories, and those low prices are always complemented by our standard offer to provide free ground shipping for all orders of $50 or more. You can choose one of two safe and convenient ways to place your Chevy fan blade order, either using our secure online ordering system or by making a fast toll-free call to place your order directly with one of our efficient staff.