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Chevrolet Fender

Protect your car's wheel well openings from the negative effects of mud, road debris, bumps and scratches by installing a new Chevy fender. It can add a new style and look that can turn heads especially when driving on crowded streets. Your car can stand out from the rest because of the unique custom look that Chevy fenders can give. It is positioned on the underside of the vehicle just above the wheels. Fender is actually the term used that refers to the side portion of the car just in front of the doors. Quarter panel on the other hand refers to the area behind the car's door.

Usually paired with fenders are fender flares. This is the elevated portion on the side of the vehicle that extends through the body. It is commonly used for off-road trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles. It provides easier installation of big and muscular tires for towing or other high-performance applications. Common materials used are fiberglass, plastic and urethane.

Aside from fenders and fender flares, other exterior accessories can also be added to achieve a personal customized look. Such accessories may include body kits, spoilers or spoilers, stickers and emblems, bumpers, grilles side skirts, roll pans and running boards. Restyling of the car's exterior can be done by adding or changing usual accessories with new components.

Body kits from Chevy are not only for style but also to achieve maximum performance and efficient driving mechanism. Installation of new Chevy car body kits gives a distinct style that shows off uniqueness of the user and the car as well. It can create a new look or accentuate the unique and distinct personality of the car. Ground effects kits are usually included in one package. It is used to lessen the amount of air pressure on the under portion of the vehicle and thus the normal pressure above the vehicle generates a downward force which gives the car greater road grip and a lowered ground look, making it more muscular and sporty.

Replacement accessories like Chevy flares can be an aftermarket or an OEM. Original Equipment Manufacturer are included in the car's package upon purchase. It can be replaced but it is still considered as an OEM. Added parts and accessories installed on the vehicle after purchase are called replacement parts and accessories. Chevy replacement car parts and accessories are offered anywhere. Various assortments are available not just for restyling but also for repair and maintenance.