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Chevrolet Fender Flares

Adding a set of Chevy fender flares to your vehicle is not only a stylish and attractive addition, but a practical one as well, something you should consider especially if you are using wider tires than the norm, as they'll help to redirect that road debris away from your vehicle. They also look fabulous on vehicles to which a lift kit has been added, as well as those that have been lowered in that sleek looking west coast low rider style, making a set Chevy fender flares a very versatile vehicle accessory. Many types of Chevy fender flares are quite simple to install, requiring no drilling at all, and just a few minutes to complete the entire job. Typically, Chevy fender flares are made of a durable, high grade plastic, which will not crack or fade, being specifically designed to withstand the rays of the sun, and come in a matte black that looks great as is or can easily be custom painted to match or complement vehicle color. There are also Chevy fender flares that are made of urethane, which is ultra-tough, and these have a bit more gloss to their standard black color, but can also be painted easily. You'll find an excellent selection of Chevy fender flares in our easy to use online catalog, all at prices that fall solidly within the realm of affordability. Our low prices are made that much better by our standing offer to provide free ground shipping for all orders of $50 or more, which applies not only to our Chevy fender flares, but also to all of our parts and accessories. You can order your set of Chevy fender flares online, via our encryption secured site, or you can place your order with a conveniently quick toll-free call.