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Chevrolet Impala Mirror

A Simple Guide to Troubleshooting Problems of a Chevrolet Impala Mirror

You shouldn't ignore problems with your Chevrolet Impala mirrors. If they should stop working one day, you'll be blind to what is going on behind your vehicle. A host of problems can happen to your mirrors, but don't be overwhelmed. Just diagnose and fix these problems one by one, and you'll be through in no time. Here are some common problems drivers may encounter with their mirrors:

Blind spots

Don't worry: there is nothing wrong with your mirrors. They've just been set up the wrong way, allowing a small portion to the side to become hidden. Plenty of people arrange their side mirrors in such a way that a large portion of their car can be seen. This is wrong and pretty much useless. What are you going to do with a large view of the side of your car?

When arranging the mirrors of your Impala, start with the rearview mirror. Make sure that the rear window of your car is at the center of your rearview mirror. This usually gives you a good view of the back of your car. Next, move your side mirrors. Push them outwards until they just barely overlap the field of vision of your rear view mirror. You may see only a tiny portion of your vehicle on the side mirrors as a result, but don't let that bother you. With this arrangement, any object behind you that leaves the field of vision of your rearview mirror will find itself in the side mirror's field of vision and vice versa.

Wobbling mirrors

Check the brackets, screws, and bolts of the mirrors and be sure that they are tight. If not, tighten them as needed. Make sure that there are no broken components on your mirrors. Such components should be repaired or replaced, whatever is appropriate.

Mirrors that pop out of the housing

Check the appropriate brackets and bolts in the housing to determine their condition. Replace any that is lost or broken. If the housing itself is broken, you will need to replace the entire thing. If the mirror was secured with the use of adhesives, try reinstalling it again if the mirror isn't damage. Try removing all the old adhesive first before trying to put the mirror back in.

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  • Chevrolet Impala Mirror: Tips for Proper Maintenance

    Car mirrors are an important part of your Chevy Impala. They give you a field of vision all around you, giving you a heightened situational awareness on the road. This helps prevent accidents and save lives. That is why you shouldn't leave your mirror unattended and forgotten. With some frequent maintenance, your Chevrolet Impala mirror will continue doing its job far into the future. Here are some maintenance tips you should know:

    Keep the mirror clean.

    What's the use of a mirror if you can't see its reflection? You will need to keep the mirrors clean to make sure that the view to the rear and to the sides of your vehicle is not obscured. Wipe the mirrors with a rag and a mixture of ammonia and water to clean them thoroughly. You won't have to do this often, but if you notice that the reflection on the mirror is getting fuzzy, get your cleaning tools out right away.

    Apply anti-fogging chemicals on your side mirrors.

    Fogging is another annoying thing many car owners have to contend with. This usually happens in cold weather when the humidity is up. You can wipe off the moisture from the side mirror in the driver side occasionally, but it will usually cloud up again in no time. That will also leave the side mirror in the passenger side untouched, unless you're willing to stop on the side of the road to wipe it. To make your life a lot easier, try applying some anti-fogging chemical to the side mirror. This will prevent moisture from gathering onto the surface of the mirror and fogging them up. Consider this an easy fix for an annoying problem.

    Inspect the mirrors for damage.

    You don't want your mirrors to break while driving on the road. To prevent such a thing from happening, be sure to inspect the side mirrors now and then for damage and other problems. This way, you can be aware of the potential trouble before leaving your home. If the damage is small, try fixing it with a glass repair kit. For extensive damage, replacing the entire mirror is the only way to go. Just give your mirrors a once over before driving off and then do a more thorough inspection every other month.