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Chevrolet Impala Turn Signal

Common Symptoms of a Chevrolet Impala Turn Signal Going Bad

Also known as "directional indicators," "directional signals," "blinkers," and "flashers," your Chevrolet Impala turn signal is a crucial safety feature that lets other drivers know of your intention to turn or change lane. Without it, there would be countless accidents happening due to miscommunication especially during the night. Common issues with the turn signal involve bad bulbs, faulty fuses, and damaged relays. With this, you should keep a close eye for problems on these parts. Good thing is that it is quite easy to do some troubleshooting for this part.

Turn signal not blinking

The turn signal blinks because it needs to set itself apart from the other lights inside the assemblies such as the running lights and brake lights. If it lights up but does not blink, there may be a problem with your turn signal flasher. This is a mechanism that makes the turn signal lights blink. The flasher is located under the dashboard near the steering wheel, so you should not have any problem inspecting or replacing it.

No Chevrolet Impala turn signal lights on both sides of either the headlight or taillight

If the Chevrolet Impala turn signal lights on your front or rear side do not activate at all, it may be caused by one of various issues. The first thing you should check would be the fuse. It may have some corrosion or may be loose from its position. Other uncommon causes of this issue are the flasher, bulbs, open circuit, short circuit, and poor ground.

Both turn signal lights on either driver or passenger side do not work

If the turn signal lights do not work on just one side of your Chevrolet Impala, there may be a problem with the light assemblies themselves. A possibility would be a bad ground or damaged bulbs. Nonetheless, the light assemblies are the first place to check for issues.

One turn signal light blinks too fast or too slow

The blinking pattern of your turn signal bulbs should be in unison. If one is blinking too fast, a heavier-duty light bulb may be installed on that particular assembly. If it blinks too slow, a lighter-duty bulb may be the cause. It can also be a problem with loose connections or corroded bulb sockets.

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  • Extending the Life of Your Chevrolet Impala Turn Signal

    Communication among drivers on the road is very important in maintaining road safety. One of the car features you should thank for is the turn signal. Without this, drivers would4 be using hand signals to let others know of your intentions to turn or change lane. The slightest issue with the turn signal can have unimaginable consequences. That is why you as an owner should make sure your turn signal is working perfectly. Following are some ways on how you can make your turn signal work at its best while extending its service life.

    Regularly check your Chevrolet Impala turn signal bulbs for corrosion.

    Most issues with your turn signal may be associated with dirty bulb sockets in the assemblies. This dirt buildup affects the current flowing into the bulb, giving it a hard time to work. With this, it is advised that you regularly inspect and clean these sockets. Fine steel wool or small wire brush can be enough to get rid of the socket dirt.

    Do not touch the glass of your turn signal bulbs.

    When doing your maintenance or replacement of the turn signal bulbs, you should always note that you are not allowed to touch the glass material of the part. These bulbs contain halogen that tends to make the bulb hotter. Your hands and fingers can leave traces of oil or grease that would make the bulb accumulate higher temperature once it is on. This would reduce the turn signal bulb's service life.

    Check and clean the fuse box regularly.

    Since the turn signal is working with the electrical system of your Chevrolet Impala, issues with it may be caused by faulty wires or fuse. With this, you should regularly check your fuse box. A corroded or loose fuse box can result in intermitted short circuits that damages the turn signal. In doing so, make sure your battery is disconnected.

    Buy replacement turn signal fuse with the correct amperage.

    A replacement fuse with the wrong amperage can result in damage in the wiring of the turn signal. This would effect into inconsistent activation of the lights that can cause confusion on the road. The usual amperage of Chevrolet Impala turn signal fuse is 15 amp.