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Chevrolet Muffler

If your Chevy car engine is running without a muffler, you know what a huge difference a muffler can make to the noise level. Also known as a "backbox" or "secondary muffler", a muffler is a part of an exhaust system. It is usually located near the rear of a car. The muffler is designed to decrease the volume of the exhaust. The body of the muffler is constructed in three layers: two thin layers of metal with a thicker, slightly insulated layer between them. This allows the body of the muffler to absorb some of the pressure pulses. Also, the inlet and outlet pipes going into the main chamber are perforated with holes. This allows thousands of tiny pressure pulses to bounce around in the main chamber, canceling each other out to some extent in addition to being absorbed by the muffler's housing.
There are other features inside the muffler that help it reduce the sound level in different ways. A basic muffler consists of a series of metal plates or tubes with multiple holes. The holes put pressure against the exhaust flow and decreases the noise. Chambers exist between the metal plates to ensure the flow of the exhaust. A high-performance muffler contains a single, large pipe with holes along the side. This reduces the sound a little, but it rarely puts pressure on the exhaust and allows it to flow freely.
Chevy mufflers use some pretty neat technology to cancel out the noise. A chamber called a resonator is attached to the first chamber by a hole. The resonator contains a precise volume of air and has a specific length that is calculated to produce a wave that cancels out a certain frequency of sound. In reality, the sound coming from the engine is a mixture of many different frequencies of sound, and since many of those frequencies depend on the engine speed, the sound is almost never at exactly the right frequency for this to happen. The resonator is intended to work best in the frequency range where the engine makes the most noise; but even if the frequency is not exactly what the resonator was tuned for, it will still produce some destructive interference.
Another one important characteristic of Chevy mufflers is how much backpressure they produce. The muffler is a key to the performance of the car because the more muffler decreases the sound, the more backpressure it creates on exhaust flow. And increased backpressure means decreased performance.
Your Chevy car deserves the best Chevy muffler. You can choose from the sites in the internet the best Chevy muffler you are looking for. From the basic Chevy mufflers to the high performance Chevy mufflers, it's all there.