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Chevrolet P30 Window Motor

Dealing with Your Chevrolet P30 Window Motor

It can be pretty frustrating to deal with a stuck window. You'll find it even more annoying if you're dealing with a power window since you don't have a crank that you can easily tinker with. Possible problems that result in power window issues would be a blown fuse, a faulty switch, or a worn-out window motor. In any case, you'll need to open your vehicle's door panel so you can get your window running again. Troubleshoot your Chevrolet P30 window motor with ease using our handy guide below.

Windows would not move at all

If all of your windows have suddenly stopped working, then the first part that you'll want to check would be the fuse for your power windows. A blown fuse will affect all of your windows, so simply open your vehicle's fuse box and replace the burnt fuse. Changing a small fuse is definitely easier and cheaper compared to replacing an entire window motor.

Only one window won't work

If a window on one side of your vehicle has stopped working, then you're looking at either a faulty switch or a broken window motor. You'll want to check the switch first as it's easier to access than the window motor. Simply remove the switch from its block and test it with a multimeter. You may also test it by plugging it on the opposite side of your vehicle that has a working window. If the switch is fine, then you might have to simply clean the contacts on the switch as it may be interfering with the flow of current. If this doesn't solve your problem, then you'll have to open your door panel and take a look at your window motor instead.

Slow moving windows

If your car's window appears to be moving up or down a bit slower than usual, then your window motor might be wearing out. You'll have to open your vehicle's door panel in order to test the window motor using a multimeter or test light. If you've done all of the steps above to rule out other problems, then checking the window motor itself would be your last step.

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  • Easy Chevrolet P30 Window Motor Maintenance

    Your vehicle's parts and accessories will definitely last longer if you stick to a regular maintenance schedule, and this holds true for your Chevrolet P30's window motor. Most people don't even bother to clean or lubricate their power windows until they begin to creak, freeze, and stop working all together. Maintaining your car's window motor is quite easy and cheap, so you won't have to visit a mechanic just to have it checked out. Check out some of our tips below and you'll keep your windows running like new for a long time to come.

    Open your door panels carefully

    You won't be able to clean or lubricate your Chevrolet P30 window motor properly if you don't pry open your vehicle's door panels. Take care that you don't damage the panels while removing them and that you have the proper tools at hand. The plastic door trim panel clips are quite fragile, so take them out slowly. If you notice that the screws and clips are already worn out, then you might want to purchase replacements since they're quite cheap anyway.

    Clean your window motor before you lubricate

    Most window motors that haven't been cleaned or lubricated after a couple of years tend to have dried out. But in some cases, the window motor and the surrounding parts can be filled with debris and gunk. You'll need to clean these parts with a soft rag or brush before you lubricate them.

    Lubricate your window motor

    Squeaky windows that slowly go up and down are signs that you have to lubricate the window motors on your Chevrolet P30. You can use some lithium grease and apply them using a small cloth or brush, but lubricants sold in small spray cans will make it much easier to get into hard to reach areas. Make sure that you apply it sparingly since too much grease may collect unwanted dust and debris. While you're at it, take the time to lubricate other joints inside your door panel.

    It may take you an hour to finish cleaning and maintaining both window motors on your vehicle, but it'll be worth it since they'll continue to work like new for quite a long time thanks to your efforts.