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Chevrolet Pick Up Full Size Tonneau Cover

Tips to keep your Chevrolet Pickup Full Size Tonneau Cover in Good Condition

Your Chevrolet Pickup is engineered specifically for off-road transport capabilities. With the addition of a Tonneu cover, your pickup truck's rear cargo is given an additional protection against external elements like dirt and debris. Although classified only as an accessory, this aftermarket component is a good addition to your auto. Despite this additional protection to the truck's flat bed, it will eventually wear overtime. So to keep your Chevrolet Pickup's Tonneau cover in its optimum condition, follow these maintenance tips:

  • Schedule a regular dent or bump checkup
  • Sometimes when driving your Chevrolet Pickup on off-road adventures, you might hit a few bumps on rocky and hard-to-trek terrain. This can sometimes cause dents or slight deformations on your Tonneau covers. Additionally, car owners fail to notice these dents because they fail to perform a regular check-up on the pickup truck. So as a maintenance tip, allot at least one day for every week or two to check for cover dents so it can be repaired immediately.

  • Know what cleaning materials to use
  • Harsh car washing chemicals can damage your covers' paint job and may even reduce its durability. Despite being built in tough material, your cover's coating still requires a few cleaning reminders. To clean your Chevrolet's Tonneau covers, it is advisable to use a diluted car wash solution. As an alternative, you may also use mild soap and detergent in washing. Be sure to perform only light scrubbing so you won't damage the cover's coating.

  • Apply lubricant once in a while
  • What's the use of your Chevrolet's Tonneau cover if you can't open it properly? To prevent it from sticking to the rails, regularly apply lubricant so the covers can be opened or closed smoothly. As an additional tip, regularly check the bolts and mounts to see if they are secured tightly on place. Failing to do some can result to additional repairs.

  • Use a weather sealant
  • Most Tonneau covers for the Chevrolet Pickup come with weather stripping. You see, this is used to prevent any dust or debris from entering into the truck bed. It blocks the gaps on the covers so external elements especially during windy season.

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