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Chevrolet Radiator

A car's radiator is the heart of its cooling system. Its function is to get rid of the heat from the hot water circulating in the cooling system. The hot water enters the top tank in the radiator, filters down through the core fins of the radiator and cools, and then returns to the engine through the water pump. The engine works better if it does not easily overheat. Frequent engine overheating may affect its life of service, making it wear out early.
Radiator overheating is caused by anything that increases the heat load beyond what the radiator and cooling system can absorb and cool properly. Whether caused by a low coolant level, radiator leaks, malfunctioning radiator fans, a blocked thermostat, or more, overheating is often not a problem if the radiator is maintained and taken care of. If your engine or radiator overheats because of coolant loss, then you should first try and find the source of the coolant leak. You should look at the hoses, the radiator itself, the heater core, water pump, thermostat and the plugs or gaskets. Ultimately, the best way to minimize the risk of overheating is to maintain and service it properly so that it continues to operate at peak performance.
Too often, motorists neglect radiators until something bad happens, which is why radiator problems are perhaps the most common cause of on-road breakdowns. Ideally a radiator and cooling system should be flushed out every six months. This helps avoid blockages in the core and accumulation of rust in the system. If you have a factory-sealed radiator there is no need to do anything unless you detect leaks.
Your Chevy radiator and its parts must be checked regularly to be sure that it is working properly. However, if your radiator has leaks or its parts are worn out, and it doesn't work effectively, it might be the right time to replace them. When replacing a radiator, the measurements of the new and old parts should be close but they do not have to be exact. Sometimes, when people choose from an aluminum radiator to a copper/brass radiator or the other way around, the height, width and thickness varies. Even without a precise measurement match, the cooling capacity will be checked to ensure that it is the same Chevy radiator. A wide array of choices from sites on the net can be of great help in finding your perfect Chevy radiator.

  • Closer Look at Chevrolet Radiator

    Essential to your cooling system, your Chevy radiator is located just behind the grille in the front of your engine compartment. In this location, your Chevy radiator is able to enjoy the full benefit of the cooling air that passes through the grille when the vehicle is in motion. However, this necessary placement also leaves your radiator somewhat vulnerable to a variety of road hazards. A front-end accident or collision often ends up in damage to your Chevy radiator, and it can also suffer damage from road debris that is tossed upwards, with rocks being able to strike it with enough force to create small holes, especially if the underside of the Chevy radiator has been weakened by corrosion after years of exposure to often salt laden road splash. Rust can also attack your Chevy radiator from the inside out, with little flakes of rust breaking off inside and collecting in its curves and tiny tubes to form clogs. Thus, having to replace your Chevy radiator once or twice during the life span of your vehicle is not at all unusual. Fortunately, when you drive a Chevy, there is no shortage ' especially when you shop with us ' of affordable replacement parts, and a quick browse through our online catalog will yield a suitable and well-priced replacement for your Chevy radiator. There's no need to worry about buying such a heavy item online, as we'll be happy to send it to you via free ground shipping, as we do for all customers ordering more than $50 worth of merchandise. Our secure online site is available day and night to take your Chevy radiator order and we also have a professionally staffed toll-free line, if you prefer to order by telephone.