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Chevrolet S10 Hood Latch

Many of us would usually ignore damages on the minor components of our vehicles. After all, many of these components have nothing to do with the performance and function of our vehicles. However, damages on some minor components can't simply be ignored. Take the hood latches as an example. A damaged hood latch that won't lock the hood of your vehicle in place can be very dangerous while driving. The hood may just open and block the driver's view, making accidents and collisions entirely unavoidable.

There are two kinds of hood latches: the exterior hood latches that can be seen on the front fascia of older vehicles, and the interior hood latches that are installed under the hood. Exterior hood latches are simple components and installing them on a vehicle is fairly easy. Their mechanism is also very easy to understand, composed only of springs and hooks to lock the hood in place.

Interior hood latches, on the other hand, are quite complex. And since they are installed under the hood, usually near the cramped space where the radiator is mounted, installation would be a bit difficult. Sometimes, just dismounting the latches would take a lot of time and may even require the aid of expert mechanics. Interior hood latches gets even more complex if they are electronically controlled, for replacing them requires you to muddle with the electrical wirings of your vehicle.

There are a lot of replacement interior and exterior hood latches available for pickup trucks. Sadly, most Chevy S10 latches are of the interior type. There is nothing that can stop your from installing exterior Chevrolet S10 latches on your vehicle's hood though. However, exterior hood latches may not look so good on your Chevy S10. These types of latches are also prone to corrosion, making it look uglier over the shiny hood of your Chevy truck. Concealed Chevrolet S10 hood latches installed under the hood would always be the better option.

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