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Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Mirrors

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Mirrors: Problems and Reasons

We're at a complete loss as to why the mirrors inside the house aren't enough for one's vanity. It's as if we're at a time when the car mirrors are installed because car drivers need to be able to check how they look every fifteen minutes when they're inside the car. But we don't blame them; it's hard not to feed our self-confidence every time we see our reflections in the mirror. So to make sure that the mirrors do not fail us during these ego-boosting moments, we listed the solutions to common problems experienced with the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 mirrors.

Mirrors with scratches

It is impossible to avoid getting scratches on your car mirrors, particularly the side mirrors, since they are very exposed to the environment. Road debris can hit them, other cars can hit them, and your neighborhood's children can just scratch them for the fun of it. But before you start beating up random kids at your street, you should know that mirrors can get scratched my other things.

Scrapes and marks can also be caused by the cloth you are using when you clean the mirrors. You could be using a rough cloth or newspapers. Either of these, no matter how damp they are, risks hurting the coating of the mirrors as well as damage them.

Mirrors that are loose

Also a common event is when you find the car mirrors to be loosely hanging. Loose rear view mirrors and side view mirrors would not be able to give you the desired angle, hence depriving you a good look at the approaching cars and a good glance at your beautiful face. These problems aren't actually a case of brand difference; any car mirror product is bound to get loose some time.

The mirrors can go loose because of three things: one, the constant readjustments on them; two, the hard slamming of the doors; three, old age. The constant shakes of your car and the repetitive adjustments of their angle are enough to slowly loosen the bolts of the mirrors, while the strong slamming of the doors is a sudden force that can shake the mirrors out.

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  • Tips to Keep Your Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Mirrors Clean 27 February 2013

    There are times when you find yourself with a dirty or scratched mirror. Why? Quite frankly we don't care much about your reason; you could very well be driving through a sandstorm everyday or your children find extreme joy in doodling on your car mirrors. What we do care about is that you should know the proper way to keep your Chevrolet Silverado 1500 mirrors in good condition. We listed a few tips to help you get in the right track of car mirror maintenance.

    Tighten all loose bolts

    The case of a loose mirror is only a step away from the case of the mirror falling out completely. Months of driving on rough roads and countless times when you shut the car door strongly can loosen the torque of the bolts holding your car mirrors. We recommend that you check the bolts, and tighten them if needed, at least twice a year-or more if you are constantly driving on rough roads.

    Clean the water droplets immediately

    As the scientists put it, water droplets (especially raindrops) have salt content that can harm the coating of your car mirrors. Following the voice of science, we advise you to wipe the mirrors immediately after driving your car out in the rain. Keeping a cleaning cloth in your compartment is a great idea. Also, it would be helpful if you could park your car indoors as much as possible.

    Avoid using newspaper when wiping

    Newspapers may appear to get the job done but we are here to tell you that they can only make the problem worse. No matter how damp the newspaper is, it still risks scratching the mirror's surface and coating. It is best to use soft cloths or the cleaning fabrics sold in the market for this task.

    Make sure to clean gently

    Even if you use the softest fabric in the market, you can still damage the mirror if you wipe like you're venting out your anger. We advise you to avoid applying too much force because you can force the glass into the assembly or, worse, can break the glass. Cleaning can be done as often as three to four months, but you are free to do it more often if you live in a dusty city.