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Chevrolet Silverado Fog Light

We have always been told about the importance of auto lights. We have always been told that they are installed in vehicles for safety reasons. Sometimes, though, we don't understand why there have to be a lot of different auto lights installed in front of the vehicle. Can't the headlight be enough to illuminate the road ahead when driving? Why is there a need to have other auto lights like corner lamps, parking lights and fog lights?

Different auto lights serve different functions. This is the reason why there is a cluster of lighting devices installed in front of the vehicle. Corner lamps are used to signal a driver's intention to corner his vehicle while parking lamps should be turned on while a vehicle is parked, especially on highways void of street lamps. As to the fog lights, they simply double the function of the headlights in illuminating the road. So why have them installed on your vehicle? Simply because they are important on certain driving conditions.

When driving through snow, sleet, intense rains and deep set fogs, the light beamed by the headlights would simply bounce off these precipitates and further blur your vision of the road. It is in these conditions where the fog lights would be especially helpful. Fog lamps were designed to give a wide low beam light that can easily pierce through fog, rain, snow and sleet, illuminating the road better than the vehicle's headlights. And even in normal weather conditions, the wide beam shed by the fog lamps can help illuminate parts of the road that can't be reached by the headlamps.

Higher priced Chevrolet Silverado models are usually equipped with stock Chevrolet Silverado fog lamps as standard components. These stock Chevy Silverado fog lights are also normally available as optional equipments for some lower trim models. If you can't find any from your Chevrolet dealer, then you can look into the various online auto parts sources we have today as most of them offer aftermarket Chevrolet Silverado fog lights that can match the quality and performance of the original.

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