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Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Wheel Hub Assembly

Indicators of Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Wheel Hub Assembly Issues

Perhaps one of the greatest contributions of man to society, the wheel has taken us to great distances and helped us do hard work with the slightest of ease. Through the years, the wheel has indeed been reinvented and the technological advances that came along with it introduced the wheel hub assembly. Referred to simply as hub assembly, this component attaches the wheel to the steering knuckle and the suspension of the vehicle, like your Chevrolet Suburban 1500. Any problems with this part can bring risks and necessitates replacement. Here are indicators for successful detection of wheel hub assembly issues.

Rumbling noise

When one of the parts of the wheel hub assembly fails, the hub bearing in particular, a growling or cyclical noise can be heard straight out of the wheel. The noise varies in intensity as the car speeds up or slows down. Turning the vehicle can also produce a grinding sound. Noise can come from minor issues such as poor lubrication or worse. However, don't put off this issue any longer as it may develop into a greater problem.

Wandering wheels

When the wheel feels loose, you might be experiencing wheel play. At some degree, wheel play is manageable. However, ignoring it will gradually degrade the structural integrity of the wheel hub. Furthermore, this problem will make the spindle become loose. The worst-case scenario is for your wheel to completely fly off your car while driving. You can diagnose the looseness of the wheel by lifting the whole car and pulling on the problematic wheel. There are times that this symptom exhibit likeness to tie-rod looseness or control arm bushing failure. Once one of these parts show breakdown, a wheel hub assembly problem is most likely the perpetrator.

Uncharacteristic tire wear

Since the wheel hub assembly is the one that attaches the wheel to the steering knuckle, it serves as an anchor for the tires. Wheel hub assemblies that have become weak will make the tires rotate roughly. Because of this stress, premature wear will develop on the wheels and with extended contact like this, the tire might explode.

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