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Chevrolet Tahoe Door Handle

Signs and Symptoms of a Chevrolet Tahoe Door Handle Going Bad

What is the point of having a Chevrolet Tahoe when you can't even get inside the thing? That is why it is essential that the door handle, one of the most basic systems in your car, remains well-kept. To make sure that you are always able to get into your awesome ride, here are a few symptoms you should look out for:

Troubles regarding door access

One of obvious signs of your door handle having problems is of course, when you can't open the door at all. There are two main causes for this to happen. The first one is a result of a previous car accident that affected the door in which the handle is problematic currently. Even though it may be just a ding or a small dent, it is very likely that there is severe internal damage present. This could come in the form of a small crack. If ignored for a prolonged period of time, it will eventually worsen and dislodge the locking mechanism within the door handle. The other cause is a piece or debris or a small component getting lodged into the system. As dirt piles up inside, it will slowly harden and start to form itself into the small nooks and crannies within the car part. Therefore, it is best to do an inspection by taking out the door handle to see what kind of problem it is.

Immobile door handle

The other sign of a faulty door handle is not as problematic, but just as frustrating, which is when it refuses to move or even budge in any way whatsoever. The biggest suspect in this is good ol' rust. This issue is even more apparent if you live in a place where rain or dust is apparent. The door handle will slowly corrode, making it too brittle and get stuck. The tiny components within your door handle will clump together, causing the immobilization problem that you are having. It is therefore important that your car's systems are well-lubricated, even the simplest ones, as failure to do so would cause a lot of frustration for a driver.

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  • Upkeep Tips for Your Chevrolet Tahoe Door Handle

    Everyone who owns a Chevrolet Tahoe of course wants their vehicle to remain in peak condition at all times. But what most forget is that it is not only the engine or the suspension that should be paid attention to. Little things such as the door handle should be kept in check as well. With that, here are a couple of maintenance tips to help you get started:

    Keep your door handles slick and smooth.

    Rust, dust, and other factors that could cause corrosion should be prevented at all costs. In order for your door handle to work, however, you must make it a point to add it to your list of parts to regularly clean and maintain. On the outside, using a rag soaked in detergent mixed in water should do the trick. Make sure you are able to wipe even the small, tight spaces around the door handle. As for the inside, lubrication is vital for your vehicle's door handle to function properly. Take the part out and apply the appropriate lubricant on the moving parts inside. Remember to first consult your car's manual on how to take out the door handle because if it is your first time doing so, it is not as easy as pulling the handle away from the door itself.

    Inspect your door after it experiences physical damage.

    After a road accident wjere your car door is hit, say a bump at your local parking lot or even a small ding when you parked your car into your garage incorrectly, you should immediately take a look at the state of your door handles. There will always be a possibility that a considerable amount of damage has been done inside, especially around the door handle area, since that is where the opening mechanism is located. See if any cracks are present or if any component has been dislocated or removed from its original location. If there are any, then you should mend those cracks or put the lost piece back into place as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. However, if the damage is too much, then it is recommended to replace the part instead.