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Chevrolet Tahoe Mirror

Identifying Common Chevrolet Tahoe Mirror Problems and Their Causes

The Chevrolet Tahoe is part of General Motors' full-sized SUV family. Probably because of its huge built and stable stance, the Chevy Tahoe became one of North America's most favorite GM vehicles. Aside from its superior engine and stylish body, the Chevrolet Tahoe also boasts of its world-class safety features that guarantee the drivers' comfort and safety while on the road. Take for instance its top-notch mirror assembly. The Tahoe's side- and rear-view mirrors are equipped with additional features, which are designed to improve the owner's driving experience. However, due to some unavoidable circumstances, the Tahoe's mirrors and their extra features tend to malfunction and fail. Here are the most common problems encountered by Chevrolet Tahoe mirror assembly and the reasons behind them:

Power-folding mirrors won't fold in/out

Chevrolet Tahoe usually has power-folding side-view mirrors, which allow the owner to fold the mirror and its cover in and out by pushing a control switch near the steering wheel. However, many Chevrolet Tahoe owners complain about their mirrors' inability to fold in and/or out automatically when they push the switch. If the mirrors won't fold in AND out, you may want to check for a blown-up or burnt fuse. Checking the motor for any damage may also do the trick. But if the malfunction only happens to the "folding in" aspect of the feature, it is advisable to clean the wiring harness as well as the control switch and check if they are loose or broken.

Power-adjustment feature is not working

Aside from power folding, Chevrolet Tahoe mirrors also have a power-adjustment feature that makes it possible for the driver to adjust the angle and coverage of the side- and rear-view mirrors according to his driving preferences. Over time, this feature has the tendency to deteriorate and fail. This failure may be caused by a busted mirror assembly fuse, loose or burnt electrical connections, or a broken control switch. Either way, this problem can still be solved easily by replacing the damaged mirror assembly component.

Heated mirrors won't defrost

Some Chevrolet Tahoe mirrors have heating abilities, which prevent them from freezing during winter. If your heated mirrors are not performing their duties well, you may want to check the heater motor or its switch. The heater motor is prone to rust accumulation since it is exposed to harmful elements on a regular basis. Another possible reason behind its failure is inactivity. Sometimes, heater motors deteriorate fast when they are seldom used. Aside from the motor, the heated mirrors' sensor can also cause the heating feature to fail. If the sensor can no longer determine the temperature accurately, the heater won't be able to activate in time. Other possible causes include faulty wiring harness and busted fuse.

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  • Ways to Keep Your Chevrolet Tahoe Mirror in Tiptop Shape

    Your Chevrolet Tahoe's fierce facade will not be complete without the equally useful and attractive side-view mirrors. These mirror wings, together with the rear-view mirror inside the vehicle, serves as the extension of your eyes to help you see the area around your SUV. To effectively serve their purpose, these mirrors need to be well-maintained. Here are a couple of helpful tips in keeping your Chevrolet Tahoe mirror in excellent condition:

    Always keep the mirrors clean.

    It is essential to keep your Chevrolet Tahoe mirror assembly clean and clear, especially the side-view mirrors. Since these mirrors are located outside your SUV, they are subjected to varying weather and road conditions. These make them prone to accumulating dust, mud, watermark, bug residues, and other road contaminants not only on their surface but also inside their mounting assembly. To avoid oxidation and corrosion brought about by these elements, it is advisable to wash and polish your vehicle's exterior mirrors as often as possible. You may opt to use the regular soap-and-water solution to clean them, but it is more appropriate to use the glass cleaning agent you use at home. For the polish, you can purchase a good auto mirror polisher from your favorite online or car accessories store.

    Examine all mirror assembly components.

    Chevrolet Tahoe mirrors with special features usually have complicated components. To maintain the normal function of all the mirrors' add-ons, it is essential to keep all the assembly's parts in good shape. Examining them regularly for damage will allow you to replace any busted part as soon as you detect the damage. For mirrors with power folding and adjustment features, you need to check the electrical connections, fuse, and control switch. For heated mirrors, aside from the previously mentioned parts, it is also necessary to check the heater motor and the sensor.

    Adjust the mirrors to eliminate blind spots.

    Another way to take care of your Chevrolet Tahoe mirror is by regularly adjusting the angle and coverage of the mirrors according to your driving preferences. Eliminating the blind spots through proper mirror adjustment will help you prevent road accidents, which are the top causes of physical damage not only to your side-view mirrors but also to your Chevy Tahoe's sleek body. The Society of Automotive Engineers suggested the proper adjustment of side-view mirrors to get rid of the blind spots completely. The SAE promotes the idea of adjusting the mirrors extremely outward until the viewing angle of the side-view mirrors overlaps with the rear-view mirror's.