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Chevrolet Tailgate

Trucks have always been liked for their toughness and dependability. They do not only provide convenient means of transportation but they serve for other purposes like hauling, towing and transporting cargoes as well. In terms of utility, nothing beats trucks, they are perfect both for personal and commercial use. Among the most prominent truck makers in the industry is Chevrolet. Like the GMC, this GM marque was initially intended for the truck market.

For superior performance and safety, every Chevrolet truck part is built with perfection and high quality standards, especially its body panels, which provide the shield to the occupants and the interior components as well. Among these parts is the Chevy tailgate. This part serves as a door to the rear end of the vehicle. It is used to secure the things placed in your truck bed or cargo area. Chevy tailgates are not just ordinary tailgates. They are made from the most durable material since Chevrolet trucks are built to meet your higher driving standards.

Especially when you are driving your Chevrolet truck off-road, your truck's body parts including the tailgate is more exposed to wear and tear. They can easily get dented and scratched as you drive along rough terrains or bushes. Also, as a door to the truck bed, the tailgate is often slammed when being closed, making it more vulnerable to damages. For this reason, the tailgate must be strong enough to resist rust and corrosion, so it can serve you for a long time.

Just as other parts in your vehicle, the tailgate can be replaced or customized to give your Chevy a fresh new look. There are different tailgate accessories available for your Chevy in the market, such as tailgate caps, bed caps, tailgate lock, tailgate box and more. These parts do not only add style to your Chevy but great utility, too.

Chevrolet Tailgate Models

  • Closer Look at Chevrolet Tailgate

    If your Chevy is sporting a dented or rusted tailgate, a new Chevy tailgate may be in order. During the normal course of opening and closing, a tailgate, or hatch, can be subjected to being bumped against something or slammed too hard. Needless to say, a dented Chevy tailgate is an eyesore that your vehicular pride and joy should not have to suffer. Rust will corrode and leave the screws of your Chevy tailgate clattering around within the interior access panel of your vehicle on every turn and stop you make. Furthermore, advanced rust corrosion may infiltrate and affect the electrical system housed within your Chevy tailgate, causing malfunctioning of your electrical and lighting systems. Or maybe you are just simply looking to add a custom touch to your Chevy. The rising cost of fuel is a great reason to replace your current tailgate with a netted Chevy tailgate, which will not only stylize your Chevy truck, but also reduce the drag on your cargo bed'making your vehicle more MPG efficient, and good-looking while it does. A good tip you should remember when replacing your Chevy tailgate in a SUV type of vehicle is to make sure that you disconnect the defrost wires from the rear window before attempting to remove the window from the tailgate, unless you are planning on replacing both the tailgate and the window simultaneously. Another tip is to make sure your bolts go in straight when affixing the glass back onto the brackets while reassembling the window to your Chevy tailgate, as a crooked bolt may cause excessive pressure on the glass causing it to crack or shatter. Whatever your reason -- be it function, style or stylish function -- our online catalogue offers a wide array of Chevy tailgates. You can order your new Chevy tailgate on our encrypted online site. Or if you prefer, our toll-free customer assistance phone number is available and our staff is happy to help you find and order the right Chevy tailgate for your vehicle.