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Chevrolet Thermostat

Your Chevy thermostat is basically a thermometer that constantly monitors the temperature of your engine then responds accordingly if it is too high, or conversely, too low. The temperature your engine should maintain is a fairly constant one, and a temperature slightly above 200 degrees will cause many engines to overheat, which can be very dangerous to the engine parts, seals and gaskets. As an integral part of your cooling system, your Chevy thermostat prevents this from happening by regulating the heat within your engine. When you turn the key in your ignition, your engine turns over thanks to your engine's initial ignition spark, and warms up using peak combustion temperatures within the engine during the engine combustion process. The Chevy thermostat is a specialized temperature control which functions when it's spring valve is activated by the specific temperature range it is designed to accommodate, or it's rating, keeping your engine at it's ideal running temperature. During engine start up, the thermostat detects that the internal engine temperature is too low and keeps the coolant contained within the engine until reaching it's ideal running temperature by maintaining a closed valve. When the internal engine temperature is too high, the Chevy thermostat detects that the engine needs to be cooled and opens to permit coolant fluid to flow out of the engine to, and through, the cylinder block and radiator. Defective thermostats bring about longer engine warm-up time or cause it to overheat while running. This will inevitably lead to increased fuel consumption, excessive overheating of your engine and trigger your engine to prematurely wear out, possibly damaging other internal engine components. If you're driving in the red zone, order a new Chevy thermostat with confidence through our secure online web site or our toll-free customer assistance number before watching your hard-earned green fly out of your wallet and toward engine repairs.