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Chevrolet Tie Rod END

Your vehicle is part of your family, so if its steering and suspension feel "loose," its tires start drifting and you observe abnormal tire wear, then your baby is sick and showing symptoms of needing a Chevy tie rod replacement. Loose steering linkage may be a sign of a faulty or worn tie rod or its ends. Your Chevy tie rod works by connecting the socket to the spindle, or the knuckle of the tire, at the inner end. The outer tie rod end connects to the center link, also called the relay rod. The center link then joins the tie rods to the steering arms, the pitman and idler armsthese connect to the steering gear box which ascends into the steering column, allowing directional control of the wheels through the steering wheel. The Chevy tie rod, and the ball joints within it, is responsible for transmitting your steering wheel's position and movement to your tires. Visually inspecting your Chevy tie rod regularly and lubricating it so that the ball joints do not rust is the best way to prevent future problems with your steering and suspension system. If not replaced quickly at its beginning stage of failure, a worn Chevy tie rod will cause uneven tire wear. However, at its latest stage of disrepair, it can bring about a total loss of steering control, potentially making your vehicle an unguided missile on the roadwith you still in it! If you feel your vehicle being pushed sideways by the wind, find yourself making too many steering corrections or hear a popping type of noise when you turn your wheels, it may be time to order a brand new Chevy tie rod from us. Our online order form is securely encrypted for your protection and our toll-free customer assistance staff is happy to help you locate the right Chevy tie rod for your vehicle. Make your vehicle more responsive to the road, but most importantly, safer, with a new Chevy tie rod today.