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Chevrolet Trailblazer Headlight

Troubleshooting Chevrolet Trailblazer Headlight Problems

Even a truck as huge and as tough as the Chevrolet Trailblazer is not exempted from having cracked headlights or busted bulbs. While these are common problems that are easy to diagnose, there are other headlight issues that you might encounter. So if lately, you've been noticing that something is wrong with your headlights, here are our insights on how to troubleshoot various headlight problems:

One headlight won't turn on

This can simply mean that one of the headlight bulbs has burned out. Headlight bulbs, just like any other lights, have a limited lifespan since they are used frequently. But to be sure, you may also inspect the electrical connector for rust spots or damage. When the thin tungsten filament inside the bulb burns out, then there is no other solution but to replace the bulb itself. If you have an incandescent bulb, you may opt for a xenon replacement bulb that offers a longer lifespan and brighter illumination. Make it a point to replace your headlight bulbs every five or six years or earlier, especially if you notice that they are already dimming or blinking.

This is usually caused by a bad headlight relay, a defective headlight switch, a fuse issue, or a wiring fault. To determine which one is causing the problem, check the main fuse for the headlight circuit. Look for a blown fuse, replace it with a new one, and try to turn the lights on. If the fuse blows, there could be an overloading in the headlight circuit that needs to be repaired. Next, inspect the headlight relay by pulling it out and shaking it. If you notice a rattling inside it, you need to replace the relay. If the lights still won't turn on, then the problem might be the switch. Replacing it is a bit complicated, so we advise you to let an expert mechanic do it for you.

Dim headlights when engine is revived

This is usually caused by a problem with the charging system. It could either be due to a bad alternator or slipping alternator drive belt. When this happens, you may check the charging voltage with the engine idling. There's something wrong if it is less than 13 volts. Have it checked by your mechanic; the voltage at the battery should be about 13.5 to 14.5 volts.

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  • 5 Easy Tips to Maintain a Chevrolet Trailblazer Headlight 04 March 2014

    Driving with dirty or dim headlights is just one of the many causes of road accidents. If you are driving an enormous truck like the Chevrolet Trailblazer, its headlights help other drivers see you on the road more easily. It is important to keep them on and visible for road safety. Sometimes, your headlights only need to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced to keep them in good working condition. Here are some tips on how to maintain your SUV's headlights::

    • Clean your headlights regularly.
    • If you don't usually wash your car, washing the windshield and wiping the headlights can be enough to ensure that your headlights, specifically the lenses, stay clear. You can use soap and water, or you may look for cleaners that are specially made for headlights. Make sure to wash away soap residues that could further dim your lights.
    • Replace cracked or broken headlights.
    • Replacing a damaged headlight is important to keep moisture and dust from seeping into the Chevrolet Trailblazer headlight. Moisture and dirt buildup on the headlights will lead to dimmer lights. If you cannot replace them immediately, a quick fix would be sealing the crack with resin until you are ready to replace the headlights.
    • Replace busted headlight bulbs.
    • If one of your headlight bulbs is dead, there is no other solution but to replace them both. Make it a point to change bulbs once a year to ensure that they are in good condition. It is better to change them in pairs because the other one will get busted sooner or later if you don't.
    • Install a headlight cover.
    • The headlight cover is one of the car accessories that you may want to invest on, especially if your headlights are prone to scratches and dents. A headlight cover will protect your headlight from damaging elements and prolong its lifespan. For only $20, you can already purchase this dependable accessory.
    • Remove condensation from your headlights.When you wash your car or when there is rain, water might build up inside your truck's headlight assembly. If that happens, your lights will be dimmer, or it may damage the other components of the headlight assembly. To remove it, drill a small hole at the bottom of the headlight to drain the water inside. Let it dry and use a silicone seal to close it up. Do not use glue to seal cracks and leaks. Then you may reinstall your fresh headlights.