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Chevrolet Truck Tailgate Handle

Chevy Tailgate Handle is one of the most abused part of a Chevy truck. Aside from being exposed to the elements, constant use result to wear and tear as well as the steady depreciation of its material. Thus, Chevy tailgate handles are some of the most common parts of Chevy trucks that are replaced.
Replacing Chevy tailgate handles is quite easy and can be done with some simple household tools without the help of a professional mechanic. When you have to install a new tailgate handle in your car, of course, you have first to remove the original handle from the tailgate and make sure not to damage the small clips that hold the gate latch rods into the handle assembly. The handle re-locator must be positioned so that the bolt holes that is on the tailgate are in the same position as on the re-locator.
The bolt holes are the mirror image on some vehicle models, and these holes must be lined up across the tailgate and must be centered vertically. You can also use a masking tape to outline the area to be removed, but you should make sure too that you have marked the lines across the tailgate for the re-locator handle mounting holes for your reference when you have to set the new bracket.
You can use a tool of your choice to cut out the area for the new bracket, and grind or file a sharp edges for safety. You can now line up the re-locater bracket handle mounting holes with those marked on the tailgate, and mark the bracket mounting holes and use a half inch. If it's already done, the bracket can be remove, latch rods can be installed now. But you have to make some test too so to make sure that the handle is pulling rods fully.

Replacement tailgate handles are available in most auto parts stores and dealers. It is a common replacement part and you can surely find a store where you can purchase high quality replacement Chevy truck tailgate handles. If you want to shop for Chevy tailgate handles the fast and easy way, simply log on to an online auto parts store and check out their stock of Chevy truck tailgate handles and make a purchase.