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Chevrolet Valve Cover

Of all the systems composing an automobile, the engine system is the most important one. It is aptly considered as the source of all the energy needed by an automobile to run, or for other systems to function. Although each system serves its own distinct function, given that the engine system fails to work properly, the rest of the systems would be completely useless. In this light that optimum care and appropriate performance monitoring should be given to any engine system especially if that belongs to a Chevy vehicle.

In checking the engine system's perfect performance, you can check on the following parts - carburetor mount, crankshaft pulley, engine block, harmonic balancer, intake crossover tube, intake manifold, intake valve port, left cylinder head, oil filler cap, oil filter, oil pan, right cylinder head, timing chain cover and valve cover. Among these, the valve cover is one that bolts onto a vehicle's cylinder head and act as a cover of the valve train. This cover is easily removed for periodic adjustments of the valve train.

Moreover, valve covers like the Chevy valve cover are made up of plastic or composite materials. These kinds of valve covers are typically seen on some relatively new vehicles. Actually, valve covers started as metal-made products but due to some disadvantages, this traditional metal valve covers were soon replaced by plastic ones. To further enhance the appearance of these valve covers, specialty chrome designs, billet aluminum and even carbon fiber designs are made available to the buying public. You can also see valve covers that bear a logo, flames or other designs put into their surface.

Should you need to replace already your valve cover, online auto parts stores are the best place to find one that will perfectly fit any of your Chevy vehicle. You can chose from its wide array and be sure to save time, money and effort!

  • Closer Look at Chevrolet Valve Cover

    If you have noticed a slick black puddle below your vehicle, you may instinctively hold your oil pan or gasket at fault, but there are other possibilities, including your Chevy valve cover and valve cover gasket. A valve cover is a long cap lying atop the cylinder heads of your vehicle on the cylinder block, creating a closed circulatory system for your valve train. The Chevy valve cover protects the valve train parts, both by offering physical protection in the sense of being a barrier between these parts and the top side engine parts and engine action and by serving to keep the oil essential to the lubrication of these parts in place. Its function is enhanced by its gasket, which provides a maximum seal between the valve cover and the cylinder block. The malfunctioning of either the Chevy valve cover, or its gasket, results in an oil leak, because oil is pumped up through the pushrods into the top of the engine block. From the engine block, it puddles down into the Chevy valve cover, making its way further down into the bottom of the cylinder head, and then is strained through the cylinder head drain holes before resting in the oil pan below it. If you think your vehicle leaking oil is related to the valve cover or its gasket, you may want to check a couple of things'the first is checking the valve cover gasket for cracks and that is properly installed with no gaps. The second is ensuring that your Chevy valve cover has not been deformed by improperly installed cylinders hitting it from below, or during its removal or installation. Our toll-free line is available to answer any questions pertaining to your Chevy valve cover and ready to help you find the proper one for your vehicle, as well as to take your order. If you prefer to order online, rest assured that our site is securely encrypted. Our expedient order processing will soon have your Chevy valve cover on your doorstep, and repairing that oil leak can become one less thing on your vehicle maintenance to-do list.