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Chevrolet Wheel Bearing

While there are several mechanical situations in your vehicle that can cause wheel vibration, even wheel vibration that is accompanied by noise, if you are driving a vehicle that has seen some serious miles, you may have to add your Chevy wheel bearing to your list of possibilities when you're trying to determine the source of the problem. While, normally, you can expect each Chevy wheel bearing on your vehicle to last for a good long time, with the need to replace a Chevy wheel bearing being much more common in older models, you can occasionally have to replace one in a newer vehicle if you've had some sort of driving mishap that has resulted in damage to or the bending of a rim. Usually, the signs of a worn or bad Chevy wheel bearing include a vibration and grinding type of noise that is more noticeable at mid-range and high-range speeds than at low speeds. To check your Chevy wheel bearing, you'll need to jack up the vehicle, being sure to take all necessary and wise precautions, which include the use of jack stands and protective eye gear. The safety precautions are particularly important when checking your Chevy wheel bearing, because you'll be underneath your jacked up vehicle, shaking the tire, and the jack stands help to make sure the vehicle will not fall on you, causing serious injury, and without eye protection, the rust flakes and other debris that is likely to loosen and fall can get into your eyes, scratching your corneas. If your inspection reveals that it is time to replace a Chevy wheel bearing, you'll find just what you need for your particular year and model in our easy to use online catalog, readily available and safe and easy to order either online or via our toll-free telephone number.