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Chevrolet Window Motor

The Chevy window motor provides the motion to your power window system, powering the mechanism that raises and lowers the window glass. The Chevy window motor is triggered by the window switch, causing it to turn on when you press the switch to open your window. Located inside the vehicle door, tucked behind the door panel, the Chevy window motor is attached to the window regulator, supplying power to its gears for the operation of the system. The power window mechanism includes a linkage with a long arm, attached to a bar that holds the bottom of the window glass. The arm is equipped with gear teeth at the other end to mesh with a gear powered by the Chevy window motor. There are several gears that function in this system, creating a gear reduction to enhance the torque output of the Chevy window motor, making it easier for this small electric motor to perform its function. One of these is a self-locking worm gear, moving only when the window switch is engaged to prevent the window from being forced open. The Chevy window motor is a very reliable component, working hard thousands of times during the life of the vehicle to raise and lower the vehicle windows efficiently. The intrusion of moisture into the door panel that houses the Chevy window motor can become a problem over time, causing corrosion in the moving parts of the system. This can make the mechanism bind, causing excess stress and wear on the Chevy window motor. We carry a selection of quality Chevy window motor replacements at very affordable prices in our online catalog. Our secure site makes ordering easy or our toll-free phone line can help you with your Chevy window motor order just as conveniently.