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Chevrolet Wiper Arm

The Chevy wiper arm is crucial to good vision during wet weather, carrying the wiper blade across the windshield to clean the moisture from the glass, clearing your view of the road. The wiper blades are pressed tightly against the windshield as they make their sweep across the glass by pressure provided by the Chevy wiper arm, making them more efficient, conforming to the shape of the glass for a streak free removal of moisture. If the Chevy wiper arm should become bent or damaged, the wiper blades can become much less efficient, often leaving streaks and smudges across your windshield. Winter snow and ice can easily cause damage to the Chevy wiper arm, especially if the wipers are turned on before the windshield is cleared. The weight of the snow can work against the motion of the Chevy wiper arm, causing to bend or strip at its connection to the wiper motor mechanism, making it hang uselessly as the motor works. Thick ice can bend the Chevy wiper arm if the blade is frozen to the windshield glass. To avoid the inconvenience and danger of such damage to the Chevy wiper arm, obscuring your view of the road, it is important to be sure that the vehicle windshield is properly cleared and warmed before you switch on the wipers. If the Chevy wiper arm has become damaged, replacement is most often the only option. We carry a selection of quality Chevy wiper arm replacements in our online catalog, all at great low prices. Our secure site makes ordering fast and easy or our toll free phone line is just as convenient.