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Chrysler 300 Shifter

Problems with the Chrysler 300 Shifter and How to Deal with Them

Being a luxury full-sized sedan, Chrysler 300 shifter is made of high-grade materials and doesn't normally break down. Designing and manufacturing the shifter was meticulous, because they perform the integral role of controlling how the vehicle moved and stopped. In the past few years though, there had been issues shifters in the luxury car gear shifter that resulted to Chrysler issuing a recall on some of its models. Here are some of its issues and what you can do about them.

Stuck in park

Imagine yourself walking to the parking lot after a long day at work. You just want to hop in the car and start your long drive back home. But then, you discover that the shifter, in your beautiful Chrysler 300, is stuck on park. This is frustrating but, if you think about it, it's better this way than have the gear shift stuck while you're on the road. This scenario was more common than Chrysler ever expected so they declared a recall. On the recall notice, they announced that a broken spring retainer hook was the underlying cause. Owners were advised to head to the dealer and get the work done there, but if you prefer a cheaper alternative, then you can just buy a replacement spring retainer hook and installing it yourself.

Uncomfortable gear shifting

This is worse than trying to get the gear out of park. Not only is it annoying to encounter difficulties in changing gears while on the road, it also extremely dangerous. Imagine yourself on the freeway, and then suddenly having the gears go into neutral without you initiating it. You can also find yourself having a hard time shifting beyond second gear. This issue is addressed, by replacing the same spring retainer hook or a plastic clip inside the shifter.

Accidental spills

This issue is not necessarily technical but it is quite common. With gear shift right next to the cup holder, spills are inevitable. And no - warranty does not cover things like these. The problem with beverage spilling on the gear shifter is that the liquid can easily reach and coat the electrical and mechanical wirings. This will result in the shift solenoid jamming. If left unattended during the winter, the liquid coated wires and parts will freeze, making it even harder to shift gears. Luckily, you can easily prevent such inconvenience from happening, by washing the entire shifting assembly. This means you have to take apart the shifting assembly, and wash them with mild soap and water. You can even use interior detailing cleaners, just don't soak them. And make sure you dry them completely before putting them back in the car.

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  • Keeping Your Chrysler 300 Shifter in Gear

    Your Chrysler 300 shifter is an essential part of your vehicle. Unlike a malfunctioning A/C or window, a malfunctioning gear shifter will not allow you to leave your garage. Or even if it did, you would be putting your life at risk. Without a properly functioning Chrysler 300 shifter, your vehicle will just be a pretty box with wheels. To avoid such inconveniences, here are some tips on how care for your Chrysler 300 shifter.

    Handle with care

    It's easy to be rough on tough muscle cars, but not on luxury vehicles like the Chrysler 300. The Chrysler brand exudes sophistication and class, thus, it is only logical to treat your vehicle like a lady. Your shifter does not need much force to go into a specific gear. If it's functioning properly, gentle prodding will get you to where you need to go. If you find it difficult to change gears, then check the shift gear assembly.

    Regularly check its condition

    Check the components of your vehicle every once in a while. If shifting gears feel even a bit uncomfortable, check under the assembly. Check if you have blown fuse. During winter, make sure that you don't have a frozen solenoid. Dirt and debris can block the shifting mechanism, so make sure that the gear shifter is as pristine as the entire car.

    Keep it hydrated

    One thing that helps the Chrysler 300 shifter work properly is to keep it well-hydrated with red or brownish transmission fluid. New transmission fluid has a rich red color that turns brown with time. If your dipstick shows a black fluid, then it means it's time to change the transmission fluid. Automatic transmission fluid allows the moving metal parts of your transmission lubricated, so they can run efficiently and smoothly.

    Use the low gears appropriately

    Knowing how to properly use the low gears can save your shifter by not working it too hard. If you have heavy cargo in your luggage compartment, driving on high gears could damage your precious Chrysler's transmission. Use low gears to haul heavier than usual loads. Another scenario, where you need to be on lower gears, is when you're climbing up or going down a steep hill. Using the same logic behind the heavy load scenario, the gravity pulls the back-end of your car making the vehicle heavier.