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Chrysler 300 Sway Bar Bushing

Diagnosing a Problematic Chrysler 300 Sway Bar Bushing

The sway bar on the vehicle is an essential part of the suspension system to keep the car from leaning whenever cornering. There are several problems that can be experienced with this part and sometimes it can be due to a worn-out sway bar bushing. If you feel like you're not able to control your ride just like before, go ahead and troubleshoot the Chrysler 300 sway bar bushing.

Uncertain control and handling

If you find it hard to control your ride, then there really must be something wrong with its suspension system. Take note that the component that holds the sway bar securely to the car is the bushing and if this gets worn out, it can jeopardize the handling of your automobile. If you feel that the sway bar moves too much, it can be due to a damaged, or even missing, sway bar bushing. Go to an auto store to get a replacement; otherwise, you're going to end up risking your safety.

Rattling noises

One of the most usual issues of a damaged sway bar bushing is if you begin to hear rattling noises. This often takes place when at least one of the bushings located on the side gets worn. The sway bar bushings are found on top and at the bottom of the sway bar link and if they get broken, the sway bar link will start making metal-to-metal rattling noises. Take note that the sound never changes. You'll have to get this repaired right away.

Thumping sounds

Whenever you turn a corner too hard or hit a bump harshly and you start to experience thumping, then the sway bar bushing is faulty. If the bushing, specifically the center bushing, starts to become problematic, the sway bar goes up and down. You'd basically start hearing thumping sounds when you go over bumps or make a left or right turn. This is surely hard to fix, so it would be better if you go and visit a professional mechanic to repair the issue. If it gets worse, you might end up having to get a brand-new sway bar.

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  • Keeping Your Chrysler 300 Sway Bar Bushing in Good Shape

    Problems that concern the suspension system can be dangerous because it can risk your safety. It is important to keep the parts, especially the sway bar bushing, intact to avoid any issues when going over bumps or making a turn around the corner. So, it's a great idea to take good care of your Chrysler 300 sway bar bushing rather than have the whole sway bar replaced. Here are some tips and tricks that you can follow and do in your own garage.

    Mark the location of the wheels.

    It's important to get the sway bar bushings lubricated once they go dry; but before you do so, you have to see to it that you remember the position of the wheels to avoid any complications when you finish the task. Rotate the wheels all the way across the sway bar bushing and create a mark on the bracket as a reminder. This will surely help you install the sway bar back without a problem.

    Regularly lubricate the sway bar bushing.

    As mentioned earlier, it's a good maintenance tip to lubricate the sway bar bushing once it gets dry. You have to remember to clean the old grease before lubricating it again. There are various types of lubricants that you can get, but the best one would be an all-purpose silicone lubricant. This type is waterproof and is combined with thickener.

    Realign the split edge.

    Before you install the sway bar bushings back, make sure that you line them up with the split edge of the bushing with the car's front side. This way, you're assured that there won't be any problems or complications that you'd experience when you install them back.

    Slow down before cornering.

    One of the reasons why the sway bar bushings give up is because some drivers don't slow down when they make a right or left turn. Avoid cornering in fast speeds because this can harshly move the sway bars. Keep in mind to slow down before making a turn. You'll surely make the sway bar bushings last longer and you get to maintain safety at all times.