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Chrysler A/C Condenser

As summer draws near, one of the most important parts of the vehicle that needs to perform well, aside of course to those parts that run the vehicle, is the air conditioning system. This is responsible to the cool air we breathe inside the vehicle on a hot summer day. As a system, it is composed of several parts that are essential to its proper functioning. This includes the compressor, condenser, evaporator, orifice tube, thermal expansion valve, receiver-drier, and accumulator. And with these numerous parts, it is essential to keep each part on its perfect condition.

The parts of the air conditioning system perform individual tasks. The compressor or commonly called the heart of the heart of the system, is a belt-driven device that pumps the air by compressing and transferring the refrigerant gas. The air goes into two directions according to the pressure: the high pressure and the low pressure side.

Another part of the air conditioning system is the a/c condenser that is considered as one of the major components in the a/c system. Usually located outside the fan unit of the a/c system, the condenser works by removing the heat from the freon gas, converting the gas back into a liquid, and pumping the liquid back to the coil in the furnace. The location is for strategic purpose. As the condenser acts like the radiator for the engine, it also uses the air to cool the hot air from the interior of the vehicle while the vehicle is moving. The only difference it that while the radiator contains water, the a/c condenser has not. It also works like the condenser of the refrigerator in your kitchen. Three common types of a/c condenser include Two cylinder reciprocating piston type, Four cylinder RADIAL type, and the Six cylinder AXIAL type.

  • Closer Look at Chrysler A/C Condenser

    In front of the radiator of many Chryslers is a part that looks like a smaller radiator, which actually does do a similar job. It is known as the Chrysler AC condenser, and it is an integral part of the air conditioning system. When cool air is required, the compressor changes the hot liquid coolant from the inside of the vehicle into a gas, and circulates it through the Chrysler AC condenser. The coolant flows through a series of metal tubes with fins, which remove the heat from the unit using the flow of air produced while the vehicle is moving. As the gas cools and returns to liquid form, it can escape the Chrysler AC condenser through the expansion valve, where it returns to the inside of the vehicle to absorb some more heat. After a few minutes, the inside of the vehicle will be comfortable to the passengers. Due to its location, however, the Chrysler AC condenser is vulnerable to clogging and physical damage from various forms of road debris. Add to this the natural forces of corrosion, and it is only a matter of time before the unit will have to be replaced. Fortunately, you will easily find the correct version for your vehicle in our online catalog with our simple user interface. With a low price and specifications that meet or exceed the ones of the original unit, it is a great value compared to the replacement from the dealership. Our Chrysler AC condenser also comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer. Ordering is safe and convenient, and you can place your Chrysler AC condenser order online or by dialing our toll-free telephone number.