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Chrysler Brake Dust Shields

If your wheels are covered with a grimy black film that refuses to budge when you take your vehicle to the carwash, it is very likely to be an accumulation of brake dust rather than your average road dirt. Chrysler brake dust shields can help to stop this problem, deflecting the grime away before it settles on your wheels to make them dull and dingy. Brake dust can be terribly hard to remove from your wheels, made up of carbon, metal filings and the ingredients that make it all stick so stubbornly, powerful adhesives. Brake dust is produced at every application of the brakes, the pads losing a little of the friction coating they are lined with as they grip the brake disc. This sticky mess can be very difficult to remove, requiring a lot of hard scrubbing to release its stubborn grip. There are a number of special solvents made for the removal of brake dust, but many are ineffective, leaving you to scrub away at the grime anyway, while others will do a great job on the brake dust, removing it right along with the finish of the wheels. There are some solvents that are both safe and effective, but the addition of Chrysler brake dust shields is the best solution to brake dust by far, stopping the problem before it starts, carrying the dust away in the breeze before it touches the wheels. Chrysler brake dust shields are easy to install, simply fitting inside the wheels. We carry a selection of quality Chrysler brake dust shields in our online catalog at very affordable prices. Our site is secure for safe and easy ordering or our toll-free phone line can take your Chrysler brake dust shields order just as efficiently.

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