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Chrysler Catalytic Converter

Chrysler Catalytic Converters

For every Chrysler vehicle, it is important have a good and reliable parts that can stand the demands of every terrain a Chrysler vehicle encounters. It is also important to have a comfortable interior even if some Chrysler models are not designed as luxurious as the others. And while Chrysler are concerned with the reliability and comfort of their vehicles, they never neglect their responsibility to the environment, thus every Chrysler posses an environment friendly part by the form of the catalytic converter.

A catalytic converter is a device which is part of the exhaust system that converts the harmful gasses emitted from the combustion before it mixes with the air outside. As the engine mixes a certain amount of air which is combined with the fuel needed for the vehicle to move, there are several gases that are emitted. This is sometimes referred to as the combustion gases which come in the form of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides. The carbon monoxide of the CO is a poisonous gas which is colorless and odorless which makes is difficult to detect by naked eye and the sense of smell. Hydrocarbons or the volatile organic compounds are gas which is produced from the unburned fuel from the engine combustion which in turn becomes an O3 or ground level ozone, in other words, a major cause of smog. The nitrogen oxides, the third harmful substance from the combustion contributes to smog and acid rain and also harmful when inhaled by human.

Without catalytic converter, these three will mix directly to the air and can affect the quality of air which could be unhealthy for human. By the help of the catalytic converter, there three will convert into a less harmful substance that when mixed into the air has less effect on humans. When these gasses pass through the catalytic converter, it will undergo the process called oxidation of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide, reduction of nitrogen oxides to nitrogen, and oxidation of hydrocarbons or unburned fuel to carbon dioxide and water thus effectively reducing the harmful gases when it reaches the air.

Chrysler Catalytic Converter Models

  • Closer Look at Chrysler Catalytic Converter

    The Chrysler catalytic converter is a crucial component in the exhaust system, helping to keep the environment free of some of the harmful chemicals produced by the engine as it operates. Today's vehicles are designed to be more efficient and run cleaner than ever before, engineered to be more friendly to the environment by producing less of the chemicals that'contribute to'smog and pollute the air we breathe. With the ever-growing number of vehicles on the road, the help of the Chrysler catalytic converter grows more vital every day, keeping the effects of their use on our air to a minimum. The process of engine combustion produces several chemicals that are harmful to both humans and the environment. Among the'most harmful'of these is carbon monoxide, poisonous to humans, nitrogen oxides that contribute to acid rain and irritate mucus membranes, and hydrocarbons that are among the worst for producing smog. The Chrysler catalytic converter is designed to sift out a large percentage of these dangerous chemicals from the exhaust fumes of the vehicle before they are released into the air we breathe. The Chrysler catalytic converter contains a ceramic honeycomb style structure, coated with catalyst metals that cause a chemical reaction with the molecules of these chemicals, making them either burn away or become trapped as the exhaust fumes travel through the Chrysler catalytic converter, reducing the amount of pollution left to escape into the environment. We carry a selection of quality Chrysler catalytic converter replacements in our online catalog, all at very reasonable prices. Our secure site makes it safe and easy to order your Chrysler catalytic converter or our toll-free phone line is available for your convenience.