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Chrysler Clutch Kit

The Chrysler clutch kit is designed to make the maintenance of your vehicle more convenient, offering the most frequently needed clutch assembly parts in one complete package to make maintaining these vital parts easier. The clutch assembly of your vehicle aids in the transfer of engine power to the transmission, forming the connection between the two components. Several parts of the clutch assembly require regular replacement for good vehicle maintenance. The Chrysler clutch kit includes the clutch assembly parts that require replacement most frequently, containing them in one convenient package to avoid the hassle and expense of shopping for each part separately. Among the clutch assembly parts that need regular maintenance is the clutch disc, coated with a friction material that wears a bit every time the clutch is engaged or disengaged. This component is placed in direct contact with the engine flywheel, transferring power to the transmission. When the friction coating wears thin on the clutch disc, it will begin to slip against the flywheel, no longer able to transfer power smoothly as it should. For this reason, the clutch disc is one of the parts generally included in the Chrysler clutch kit, along with the pressure plate and bearings, which can also become worn, needing replacement quite regularly during clutch assembly maintenance. The Chrysler clutch kit includes the parts you need for good clutch maintenance, saving time and money spent on the purchase of each part, making it easy to keep your vehicle at its best. We carry a quality selection of the Chrysler clutch kit in our online catalog at very reasonable prices. Our secure site makes ordering fast and easy and, if you'd rather order by telephone, our professionally staffed toll-free line can take your Chrysler clutch kit order just as efficiently.