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Chrysler Concorde Catalytic Converter

The clean air act of 1977 set limits regarding the amount of dangerous gasses that a vehicle is giving off to the environment. These hazards produced in the engine's combustion process include carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen. And one of the car manufacturer's answers to this vehicle emissions problem was the addition of some pollution and emission control devices like catalytic converter. If you are not knowledgeable on car parts, you will surely ask what a catalytic converter is and how does it work?

The automotive emissions are normally controlled in three ways - to encourage more complete combustion so that less by products will be produced, to redirect excessive hydrocarbons back into the engine to be used up in the combustion process and to provide an additional area where oxidation or combustion can take place. This additional are is dubbed as the catalytic converter. Located in the vehicle's exhaust system, catalytic converter is the contraption responsible for removing the hazards in the vehicle's exhaust, making it safe and less dangerous.

The catalytic converter, including the one installed in your Chrysler Concorde is an exhaust cleaner that features two catalysts - a reduction and an oxidation catalyst. As the carbon monoxide or hydrocarbons passed over the catalysts, it is oxidized chemically and transformed to carbon dioxide and water. Most modern cars are outfitted with three-way catalytic converters. It was named three-way because of the three regulated emissions which the catalytic converter needs to act upon. For a higher-flow capacity, there are also hi-flow catalytic converters which you can install to your car.

Emission laws at present require all road vehicles especially those that have gasoline-powered engine to be equipped with a properly-functioning catalytic converter. So if during your maintenance check you found out that your Chrysler Concorde has a defective or clogged Chrysler Concorde catalytic converter, find an aftermarket of replacement unit right away. The range of Chrysler Concorde catalytic converters in the automotive market is almost endless. They are crafted to answer your replacement problems anytime.

The performance of your Chrysler Concorde catalytic converter usually affects the overall performance and efficiency of the vehicle as well as its fuel consumption. So when looking for a new Chrysler Concorde catalytic converter, make sure they are efficient and durable enough and is perfectly fitted to your vehicle. Having a well-functioning Chrysler Concorde catalytic converter can help avoid problem and failure in your car's engine but also in its exhaust system.

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