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Chrysler Cordoba Floor Mats

Chrysler Cordoba Floor Mats: Diagnosing the Common Problems

A stained, dingy carpet is surely unbefitting of your posh personal luxury coupe. Good thing Chrysler Cordoba floor mats always come to the rescue. With these floor protectors on, your precious Cordoba carpet is spared from the despised elements of wear and discoloration. Unfortunately, though, it's not the same story for your Chrysler Cordoba floor mats as they have to deal with the wicked elements of deterioration directly. So, to save your floor mats, take note of the following troubleshooting tips:

Excessive filth

Since your floor mats serve as the main catcher of dirt, dust, water spoil, and all things filthy, you can expect them to be noticeably grimy over time. Aside from making your mats look bad, dirt buildup also affects how the mats trap filth. In other words, more dirt is tantamount to less absorption. Luckily, this can be resolved by simple cleaning-of course, with the aid of a pail of water, cleaning brush, clean and soft cloth, and soapy solution.

Deteriorating material

Whether your Chrysler Cordoba floor mats are made of vinyl, rubber, or nylon, expect them to deteriorate over time. Eventually, you'll notice ripped portions and the like, and the worse part is that it cannot be avoided. But at least you can fight these agents of material decline-with the help of tools that are fortunately available at most auto parts stores. In the case of rubber mats, for example, you can rely on rubber repair kits. These should help you glue back together the ripped or detached portions of your Cordoba floor mats.

Loose fit

Although it is not as common a problem as the other cited floor mat troubles, a loose-fitting mat is just as troublesome. Imperfectly fit Chrysler Cordoba floor mats can even lead to accidents. Case in point is acceleration or braking trouble, thanks to a loose front mat that blocks your accelerator or brake pedal. So to save yourself from such perilous predicaments, make sure you have the right fit. Floor mats are generally flexible, so you can easily shape or position them such that their ends do not bunch up on other important components of your car.

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  • Protecting the Floor Protectors: Chrysler Cordoba Floor Mats Maintenance Tips

    Safety, sanitation, and aesthetic enhancement-all three benefits offered by your Chrysler Cordoba floor mats. Thanks to these shields, you wouldn't have to worry all the time about water, mud, dirt, or dust staining and damaging your coupe's precious carpet. Now, who wouldn't want to have one on his car? Good thing your Cordoba floor mats are just easy to maintain!

    Free your mats from filth.

    It goes without saying that your Chrysler Cordoba floor mats need regular cleaning. After all, how can they trap more dirt if they are stained and dirty? Below are some simple cleaning procedures for your floor protectors:


    Vacuuming is probably the easiest and most convenient way to clean your car's floor mats. For less hassle, use a wet vacuum. This should help you get rid of dirt deep down your floor shields in a breeze.


    Whoever said only humans need some shampooing? Your Chrysler Cordoba floor mats want it too! This cleaning method is particularly suitable for mats made of nylon or fiber. Experts advise that you clean your floor shields every four months. Don't forget to use only non-toxic cleaning agents too.


    If you prefer a dry and water-less solution to your floor mat woes, just brush them. Brushing helps you easily get rid of the fine particles trapped in your floor shield. Just use a soft tool (e.g., paint brush) to avoid damaging them. Scrub away dirt in a single direction, too, so you can avoid scratches and other unnecessary marks on your floor shields.

    Detect defects.

    Wear is ultimately unavoidable, and it also escalates to further troubles. That's why it is important to be keen on the early signs of wear so that you can act on them immediately. Below are some tips for detecting and fixing defects:


    If you already see damage-even if it's just a slight tear-on your coupe's floor mats, proceed with the necessary repairs immediately. Don't worry about the costs as there are affordable repair kits in the market. Delaying repair would only jeopardize the functions of your floor shields.


    If your Chrysler Cordoba floor mats do not appear salvageable anymore, then maybe it's already time to purchase some replacements. Failing to do so would only lead to flooring damage instead of protection. So, once you see irreparable wear, head to a car accessories store right away. You can purchase a Chrysler Cordoba floor mat anywhere between and $7 and $192.