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Chrysler CV Boot

In the interest of preserving your axles, if you hear a series of clicks when you turn the steering wheel of your vehicle, it may be time to replace your Chrysler CV boot. A CV boot is an often forgotten, yet very necessary, piece of your Chrysler's suspension system that is made of a supple and flexible rubber. The Chrysler CV boot shields the CV joint from dust, debris and moisture. Stuffed with axle grease, it keeps the ball-and-socket CV joint lubricated. If your Chrysler CV boot is worn and dried out, it will begin to crack. A cracked CV boot may lead to the axle grease escaping. When this happens, there is a very high risk of damaging your Chrysler CV joint, since the Chrysler CV boot is no longer able to hold adequate lubrication, essential to preventing friction damage and protecting the CV joint from debris and moisture. Losing your CV joint due to a cracked Chrysler CV boot can eventually lead up to you losing your axle, along with a lot of cash out of your pocket, not to mention the potentially serious safety issues arising from having power disrupted on its way to your wheels. It is less expensive to replace a Chrysler CV boot than to replace a Chrysler CV joint or worse, an axle. If your vehicle is beginning to show symptoms of needing a new Chrysler CV boot, you may want to order one, sooner rather than later, through our secure online ordering system or using our toll-free telephone number and have it conveniently delivered directly to your home. Installing a new Chrysler CV boot can help you to avoid spending more of your hard earned cash and your precious time than necessary, helping you to avoid a more complex mechanical problem.