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Chrysler Cylinder Head Gasket

There are many different types of liquids that the engine of your Chrysler needs to operate, and they all must be separate, at all times, to do their individual jobs efficiently. One of the many seals in the engine that is responsible for keeping the fluids separate is the Chrysler head gasket. It is located between the engine block and the cylinder heads. When the Chrysler head gasket is in good condition, it keeps the engine oil separated from the coolant. If it were to leak, the liquids would mix, and then the engine would no longer be efficiently protected from friction or heat. The second job of the Chrysler head gasket is to provide a seal between the adjacent cylinders, for the purpose of allowing proper compression in each cylinder. If compression is lost, the engine will not be ale to burn the fuel in the affected cylinder efficiently, and the gas mileage and power produced by the vehicle would be reduced. It takes many years for the Chrysler head gasket to begin leaking. Once it does, you may notice poor performance and strangle-colored fluids, at which point the unit must be replaced. In our online catalog, you will find the correct Chrysler head gasket for most vehicles, at a great price. Our version is made to the same quality standards as the original unit, and it is fully guaranteed by the manufacturer. The installation of the Chrysler head gasket will take many hours and there is a large amount of work necessary to complete the process. If you are willing to take the challenge, you can order the Chrysler head gasket from our secure web site or by phone, with a toll-free call.