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Chrysler EGR Valve

A Chrysler EGR valve is a vital regulatory part of your automotive ignition system that helps with the challenges of environmental pollution. EGR is an acronym for exhaust-gas recirculation. After the initial combustion of your engine, the Chrysler EGR valve recycles burned, and unburned, gases left over from your Chrysler's combustion process back toward the engine cylinders. The Chrysler EGR valve recycles these gases throughout the engine in order to reduce nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide gases created by the combustion process. Peak combustion temperatures toward the end of engine combustion trigger oxygen and nitrogen to coalesce and create oxides of nitrogen, which are combustion by-products that lead to polluting emissions. The Chrysler EGR valve cuts the blend of air and fuel with exhaust gas. This in turn dramatically lowers peak combustion temperatures, reducing the creation of these environmentally hazardous oxides, since their formation is contingent upon and induced by the peak temperatures in your engine cylinders. The Chrysler EGR valve then correctly dispenses the altered blend of exhaust gas down toward the intake manifold, which then provides the engine cylinders with the blended gas mixture. The Chrysler EGR valve will not only improve your spark timing, but enhance your vehicle's capabilities in a few other ways. One of the ways in which your Chrysler EGR valve will increase your vehicle's efficiency is by decreasing throttle deficiency by boosting the pressure in the intake manifold. Another is by decreasing thermal energy loss to the combustion chamber. If your Chrysler's engine is short on power and speed, you may need a new Chrysler EGR valve. Our online catalog is convenient and easy to navigate, making online ordering efficient and we also have a toll-free telephone number available to take your order.