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Chrysler Exhaust Manifold

If your old Chrysler vehicle has failed emission tests and smog inspection, there's probably something wrong with your exhaust system and most likely, you would have to replace one or some of its parts and components. Among the parts in your Chrysler exhaust system is the Chrysler exhaust manifold. This part is where exhaust gases go after once they exit the engine. From the exhaust ports on the cylinder head, the exhaust manifold transports the excess gas to a single pipe and directs it to the catalytic converter where they are cleaned.

Having a good quality Chrysler exhaust manifold is essential to your engine's performance as well. More than leading the gases into the exhaust system, the exhaust manifold cleans the engine and thus, makes it more efficientmore power is produced and your car is able to drive with much agility and performance. The more exhaust the engine is able to remove, the more power it is able to generate. Hence, your Chrysler exhaust manifold is also crucial to your driving satisfaction.

Four- and eight-cylinder engines have four cylinders that use the same exhaust manifold. On the other hand, V6, V8 or V10 engine configurations would have one exhaust manifold on each side, since "V" engines have two banks cylinders side by side. A part of the exhaust manifold is attached to the cylinder head to get the exhaust gases. As the exhaust goes to the manifold, it builds up pressure, affecting the next cylinder that will use it.

It is necessary that your Chrysler exhaust manifold is in excellent working condition so that the exhaust system can work more efficiently. Although it is the converter that actually cleans the harmful gases, how much of the impure and excess gases from the engine will be passed on to the exhaust system depends on the exhaust manifold. So once damaged, make sure you get top quality replacement Chrysler exhaust manifold. It can be bought in cast-iron, aluminum, steel or stainless steel.