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Chrysler Fog Light

When there is deep set fog, you normally can't see things around your car, especially on the highway, and this makes your driving very risky and disconcerting. Hence, it is advisable to drive slower in foggy environment. Many accidents take place due to poor visibility caused by thick fogs and other harsh weather condition. In such situation, fog lights can help save your life and it makes them nothing but excellent investment.

Fog light is defined as a pair of lights installed in the front portion of the vehicle to produce extra low-level beam for foggy driving condition. Though they are not designed to be a vital part of the front grillwork, still, fog lights are of great importance especially if we're driving through heavy rains and thick fog. Unlike high-beams which normally light up and reflect off dense fog, fog light emit specialized beam to cut through fog and light up the road ahead of you. And the fog light reflectors that come with most vehicle fog lights are aimed to expand the beam wider even for a short distance.

If ever your Chrysler vehicle doesn't come with standard fog lights, you can get aftermarket Chrysler fog lights in the market and have your model outfitted. Bear in mind that though fog lights don't come mandatory, those units equipped with this contraption definitely do have an edge on visibility and safety. Fog lights are mounted in a front spoiler but they can also be attached in a custom-made front bumper or on a grille guard. Just make sure to place your Chrysler fog light in a proper position, or else, they could blind oncoming traffic.

When your model is already equipped with Chrysler fog lights, don't forget to use your headlights when it's raining and use your Chrysler fog lights only if there's fog and you have very poor visibility. And when the fog has lifted, don't ever forget to turn the fog lights off; that's a kind consideration to other people who share the road with you.

Do you want to replace your Chrysler's broken or malfunctioning fog lights? The finest replacement Chrysler fog lights are widely available in most auto-part store especially online. Chrysler fog lights are of high quality and excellent craftsmanship to meet the industry's high standards. Spending bucks on Chrysler fog lights is really worth it because they ensure higher safety not just to you but to other road users as well.

Chrysler Fog Light Models

  • Closer Look at Chrysler Fog Light

    During bad weather conditions, such as fog or heavy rain, the headlights of your Chrysler may not be enough to guide you safely through to better weather. Often, you will need to use the Chrysler fog light system to see where you are going effectively. The standard headlights produce white light, which is actually a mixture of many different colors of light. When light hits the small droplets of water that make up fog, the drops act as a prism, breaking the light into many colors, and reflecting much of it back to you. The Chrysler fog light, on the other hand, only produces one color of light, which is yellow. The yellow beam from the Chrysler fog light has the capability of cutting through the fog, making much more of the road visible, compared to white light. Some models have the system built-in, but many do not. If you would like to add a Chrysler fog light system to your vehicle, we have several kits in our online catalog that are designed to fit many vehicles, and they are priced very reasonably. Included in the kit is all of the hardware and wiring that you will need to complete the installation, as well as a full set of instructions. The Chrysler fog light can be installed on your vehicle in about an hour and the process is relatively easy. We carry replacement bulbs for the systems we sell, as well as bulbs for the factory-installed systems. To order a Chrysler fog light system for your vehicle, visit our secure web site, or place your order by phone, toll-free, and with our fast order processing, your order will soon be on the way.