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Chrysler Fuel Injector

The many parts of the fuel system in your Chrysler work together to ensure that the engine receives the amount of fuel it needs to operate. The final step in this system is the Chrysler fuel injectors, which do the job of actually spraying the fuel into the combustion chambers. They are located on the fuel rail, which is found on top of the engine. The Chrysler fuel injectors operate at a very high pressure and, therefore, they require a large amount of fuel to work efficiently. To produce the amount of pressure needed, most vehicles use a set of two fuel pumps to deliver the fuel from the tank to the fuel rail. Because of the pressure involved, any particulates in the fuel could wear down the Chrysler fuel injectors, leading to inefficient operation of the engine. In addition, the Chrysler fuel injectors tend to become clogged with any impurities in the fuel. If the damage is too severe, they will need to be replaced. We have the correct Chrysler fuel injectors for many vehicles in our large online catalog, most often at a much lower price than what the dealership would charge. Our Chrysler fuel injectors meet or exceed the specifications of the original parts and they are sold as a balanced set that are matched to each other within extreme tolerances. This ensures that the engine fires correctly, and that there is no imbalance in the system. To order the correct set of Chrysler fuel injectors for your vehicle, make a toll-free call to our sales department or visit our secure web site at any time.