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Chrysler Fuel Pump

While the engine of your Chrysler is running, it needs a large amount of fuel, at the correct pressure, to operate efficiently. The job of delivering the fuel is performed by the Chrysler fuel pump. In many vehicles, there are actually a set of two, one in the fuel tank and one near the front of the vehicle, which work together to keep the fuel pressure constant. As the vehicle ages, the Chrysler fuel pump may start to behave erratically, sending fuel to the carburetor or injectors at varying pressures and rates of flow. This will make the engine run inefficiently, and possibly reduce the power and gas mileage of the vehicle. A partially malfunctioning Chrysler fuel pump may be hard to diagnose and often, the only time one will notice a problem is when the unit stops functioning at all. When you need to replace the Chrysler fuel pump, you will find the correct part to do so in our convenient online catalog containing the full range of parts and accessories you'll need to keep your vehicle running well. Our Chrysler fuel pump replacement is made to meet the quality specifications of the original part, and it typically costs much less than the equivalent version from the dealership. The front Chrysler fuel pump is very easy to replace, but the rear version will require that the fuel tank be removed to install the unit, on most vehicles. Whenever your are working around the fuel system, precautions must be taken to ensure that the fuel will not come into contact with sparks, or any other sources of ignition. The process of ordering the Chrysler fuel pump can be completed through our secure web site or over the phone, with a toll-free call to our sales department.