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Chrysler Headers

The ingredients necessary to make the power within the engine of your Chrysler are a good amount of cool air, the proper amount of fuel, a well-timed spark, and a free-flowing path through which the exhaust can leave the combustion chambers. The first parts of the exhaust system are the Chrysler headers. They are connected to each cylinder, and they are responsible for combining the exhaust from the cylinders before passing the exhaust to the rest of the system. If there are any obstructions to the flow of exhaust, the engine uses extra power to expel the exhaust from the cylinders. Therefore, if the Chrysler headers slow the exhaust down, the engine will not be able to make as much power and the vehicle's overall efficiency will be reduced. In most cases, the stock Chrysler headers can handle the job it does well. Over time, however, all components of the exhaust system will begin to suffer from the combined effects of heat and corrosion, reducing the structural integrity of each part. When your Chrysler headers begin to leak, you can find the correct replacements in our large online catalog, for a great price, compared to the dealership. They are made to meet high quality standards and they will be a perfect fit for your vehicle. Our Chrysler headers will resist corrosion for many years and they have a full warranty from the manufacturer. For some vehicles, we may offer upgraded versions, as well, which offer better exhaust flow characteristics. To order the standard or performance Chrysler headers for your vehicle, you may visit our secure web site or place your order over the phone, with a toll-free call.

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