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Chrysler Headlight

All of the lights on your Chrysler work together so that you can see when you are driving at night, and so that others can see your vehicle. The most important light in this system is the Chrysler headlight, which makes the road visible at night. There are many different versions of this light. The older style of the Chrysler headlight is the sealed beam unit, which is a combination of the housing, the bulb, and the reflector. When the bulb dies in this type, the entire unit must be replaced. The new version of the Chrysler headlight is similar to the sealed beam style, but the bulb is replaceable by itself. The third type is the most efficient available, as far as light usage. In order to put the light where it needs to be, the projector version of the Chrysler headlight uses an optical lens to focus the light. With less light wasted, the bulb is much brighter. When it becomes time to replace the bulb in your Chrysler headlight, you will find the correct version for most vehicles in our convenient online catalog, for a very good price. We carry the standard version, as well as long life and brighter halogen versions for most vehicles. It is very easy to install the Chrysler headlight, and the process will take less than five minutes to complete. If your lens or any other parts of the light have been damaged, we will also carry an OEM-style replacement assembly for most vehicles, at a great price compared to other retailers. To order the bulb or the entire Chrysler headlight, visit our web site to use our secure online ordering system, or place your order by phone, toll-free.

Chrysler Headlight Models