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Chrysler Hood

Basically, the hood o a car is there to cover the engine and protect it from the elements. Chrysler has a lineup of vehicles that has hoods that provide optimum protection to their vehicles as well as provide a stylish design and contours. Ensuring that the Chrysler hoods can withstand everyday use in extreme situations and weather conditions, Chrysler engineers and designers do meticulous tests on them before they are used. Chrysler hoods should also be of high quality in terms of durability so in the event that there is a collision, they won't just fold and fly off which could injure someone.

A car's body is made out of the frame and prefabricated sheet metal panels which are fused together during production. The Chrysler ho is one of those panels. The Chrysler hood can be found in the front part of the Chrysler vehicle acting as a door or entryway to the engine. This hinged metal panel is the covering for the engine protecting it from the elements. In the world of car accessories, some customizers change their Chrysler hoods with a hood made out of polyurethane. They are usually black and is very durable and heat resistant.

Chrysler hoods can also be outfitted with lots of accessories. Some high performance Chrysler cars have openings in the hood to allow the engine to breathe easier. Hood scoops are accessories placed on the Chrysler hood that are used to direct outside air directly to the air filter, which provides improved performance and efficiency. There are also other accessories for the hood that adds to the aesthetics and serves a specific purpose. Nose protectors for example provide protection from road debris and grime. Hood spoilers add aerodynamics to diminish air drag. Watch your Chrysler's fascia transform with Chrysler hood and its accessories.