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Chrysler Knock Sensor

Strict laws have been passed throughout the United States governing the amount of pollutants that your Chrysler can produce. Part of the system that reduces the amount of pollutants released into the open air is the Chrysler knock sensor. It also helps your vehicle to receive the maximum amount of fuel mileage and power. The Chrysler knock sensor is located on the outside of the engine and is designed to monitor the vibrations that are caused by improper detonation of the air and fuel mixture. It uses a small piezoelectric device to do this, which is a special crystal that generates electricity when it is disturbed. The engine uses the Chrysler knock sensor to help set the correct air-to-fuel ratio and the correct spark timings. The goal is get as close to the maximum amount of fuel that can be burned with every spark. If the computer goes over the threshold, the engine will vibrate, and the vibrations cause data to be sent from the Chrysler knock sensor. The computer uses this data to readjust its settings. After many years, the Chrysler knock sensor may stop sending data to the computer. This is usually due to a failed piezoelectric element that has finally succumbed to the great amount of heat and vibration it must endure. When you must replace the unit, you will find the perfect Chrysler knock sensor for most vehicles in our online catalog, typically for much less that what the dealership would charge. It is manufactured to meet the same quality standards as the original unit and it has a full warranty from the manufacturer. On our secure web site, you can easily order the Chrysler knock sensor, or the process may be done over the phone, toll-free.