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Chrysler Lebaron Windshield Wiper Arm

Solutions to Some Chrysler Lebaron Windshield Wiper Arm Problems

It is far too common to see cars on the streets with broken wiper arms. And, after seeing one, you would not be the only one that would go: "That guy does not take care of his car." However, a broken windshield wiper arm is actually caused by a lot of things other than the owner's negligence. Listed below are the reasons behind some common wiper arm problems and ways to solve them.

Loose arms

This is, perhaps, the most common problem with wiper arms. The obvious sign for loose arms is that rather than wiping the water on the windshield, the arms just seem to be waving and saying "hello" to the car in front of you. A quick look at the arm's base would solve the problem. The Chrysler Lebaron Windshield wiper arms are attached by a small nut which could now be too loose. A quick tightening job would solve loose nuts, while a replacement would be better if the nut has worn out or is about to.

Bent arms

The windshield is not being cleaned thoroughly; some parts are being wiped while some are not. These are the common scenes for cars that have bent wiper arms. Distorted arms are usually caused by accidents, DIY mishaps, or vandalism by your friendly neighborhood gangstas. You can try to straighten the arms but that could not recover the original performance of the arms. No matter how good of a mechanic you are, a straightened arm is still a re-straightened, damaged-by-hammering, and weaker-than-original arm. It would be best to replace the arms.

Chattering arms

The sign of chattering wiper arms is not only the irritating noise every time it moves; there are also streak marks left on the windshield because the water is not being wiped away efficiently. The chattering and the streak marks are often caused by wax, oil, or grease buildups on either the blade or the windshield. The best way to solve this is, you guessed it, cleaning. A good thorough scrub of your windshield and wiper arm would do the trick.

Frozen arms

Aside from problems with the arm itself, problems with the fuse are also commonly experienced. Faulty fuse connections are the usual reasons for a wiper arm that does not move. You should check your car's manual to know the location of the fuses and the controls. An inspection of the fuse puller and the windshield wiper motor is recommended.

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  • Ways to Keep Your Chrysler Lebaron Windshield Wiper Arm in Top Shape

    Wiper arms problems are annoying for a number of reasons: one, the chattering noise is irritating; two, the water mockingly stays on your car's windshield; and three, a loose arm is far from being attractive. To save you from these headaches, we listed ways to keep your Chrysler Lebaron windshield wiper arm in top shape.

    Replace them when needed

    The wearing out of the wiper arm assembly is not determined by the number of rain, snow, or chemical showers you drive through; the constant exposure to the sun's hot rays is damage enough to the arm. Usually, wiper arms only last for six months and may need to be replaced by then.

    Inspect them regularly

    As said above, the mere exposure to the sun can cause the wiper arm to wear out. With this in mind, constant check-ups to the assembly are advised. Inspecting the arm is not recommended to be postponed until the rainy season or until you need to take your Lebaron out against the snow. A good look at the blade (how it rests on the windshield) and the fuse-motor assembly now and then would be great.

    Give the blades a good cleaning

    In case you're wondering, no, constant washes by rainwater are not considered "good cleanings" for your Chrysler Lebaron windshield wiper arm. There are tons of service centers on your city, we're sure. A regular wash would prevent any dirt- or dust-buildup in the assembly as well as ensure a good wipe from the arms.

    After long drives or trips on dusty roads, it is also recommended to wipe the blades with a paper towel. A couple of wipes would be enough to remove the possible dirt and road grime collected by the arms during the drive.

    Apply water repellent

    It would be good if you can help make the job easier for the wiper arms. There are products in the market that can be applied on your car's windshield, helping it to repel water. This makes it easier for the wiper arms' blades to brush the water away. Remember that you need to apply the solvents on a dry windshield.