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Chrysler Motor And Transmission Mount

A thumping sound while speeding up or slowing down, a screech during a gentle turn, or a vibration on sharper turns while driving your Chrysler may be an indication that you are in need of a new Chrysler engine mount. The Chrysler engine mount is composed of specialized rubber and metal elements. The purpose of the rubber is to decrease and diffuse vibrations emanating from the engine and transmission in order to prevent them from radiating through the chassis and into your Chrysler's passenger cabin. The rubber and metal of Chrysler engine mounts are designed to expand and contract in accordance to the torque your engine is subject to. These specific components allow the Chrysler engine mount to fasten your engine down to your Chrysler's frame. Replacing your Chrysler motor mount should take about a half-hour to forty-five minutes. You can designate the trickiest part of this job to your trusty buddyyour jack. Your jack will do all the heavy lifting while you remove your old Chrysler motor mount and install the new one in reverse. Once you have separately jacked your car and engine up, you have completed the most challenging part. A good tip when performing a passenger side Chrysler engine mount replacement is to wedge a piece of wood between the top of your jack and the engine oil pan of your Chrysler before completely jacking up your floor jack. A general tip when replacing your motor mount is to make sure that the Chrysler motor mount is correctly dropped onto the engine block before completely letting the engine back down upon it. You can establish this by making sure that the slits on your Chrysler engine mount are correctly aligned with the bolt holes on your engine block. Order with us through our securely encrypted online order form or call our toll-free phone line and we will soon have your Chrysler motor mount on the way.